Visit Reno, the Other Glitzy Nevada City

When you enter Reno, Nevada’s Virginia Street, you go under a sign that proclaims it as the “Biggest Little City in the World”. That’s true enough, because Nevada’s original casino and divorce mecca was once the prime destination in the United States for gamblers and people who wanted to end their marriages quickly.

Out-built, but not outclassed by Las Vegas
For gamblers, vacationers, families and others who want to relax in luxury and eat great food, Reno in many ways is just as exciting as Las Vegas. Additionally, it still retains its traditional Western charm, is less crowded and noisy, and boasts what Las Vegas in the desert doesn’t, four distinct seasons of the year.

Truckee Riverside Events
For example, the picturesque Truckee River runs through town, and serves as a recreation source for boating, kayaking, water skis and other water sports. Throughout the year there are celebrations at the riverside Whitewater Park that feature entertainment, dining and events for kids and adults. The park is a man-made section of the river, designed and built for kayaking.

The Silver Legacy
The Silver Legacy is one the most interesting casino-hotels in downtown Reno. The stylized mine shaft decor in the two-story lobby and throughout the building represent 19th Century Nevada, when silver mining and ranching were the principal activities. The hotel features six restaurants, four pools, spas, convention center and many specialty shops.

Silver Legacy
407 North Virginia Street

Reno’s Most Exotic Eatery
A popular Reno restaurant is Naan & Kabab, which features Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine. It’s specialty is naan, a fresh baked bread, and is usually served with fire-roasted kababs of lamb, chicken and beef. Located across the road from the Peppermill Hotel and Casino, it’s an easy walk or drive from most major hotels.

Naan & Kabab
2740 S. Virginia Street
Reno, NV 89502
(775) 825-3113

A Grand Night for the Irish
Ol, ceol, agus craic in Gaelic means music, drink and fun. There’s plenty of each in this classic Irish pub. There are darts and other games on most nights, and Wednesday nights feature half-price drinks. Saturday nights are special at Reno’s most popular genuine Irish bistro, when everyone joins in on sentimental Irish ballads to the music of a live band.

Ceol Irish Pub
538 South Virginia Street
Reno, NV 89501
(775) 329-5558

The Lure of Lake Tahoe

At any season of the year, if you’re visiting Reno, set aside a day to take the 45-minute ride to scenic Lake Tahoe. The beautiful resort lake is Nevada on one side and California on the other. Hotels on the Nevada side offer gambling. In summer months, try Lake Tahoe for paddleboard, jet ski, sailboat, speedboat and kayak. Take an invigorating swim in the cool, crystal lake and then laze on the sandy beach. Go hiking and biking up the mountain trails. In the winter, the Tahoe region offers a large variety of world-class slopes for skiing, snowboarding and other winter sports.

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