What Are the Differences Between Fly Fishing and Spin Fishing?

There are many differences between fly fishing and spin fishing. The main differences are the rods used, lure weight, fishing line, casting and lure materials. There are many other differences, but these are the main ones. The concept, however, is still the same. Present a lure in front of the fish and try to entice him to eat it.

Fishing Rods

The main difference between a fly rod and a spinning rod is the rod length and reel. Most fly rods are between eight and nine feet long where spinning rods are usually between five and six feet long. The extra length helps when casting a fly rod. The reels are different as well. A fly reel looks like large spool where a spinning rod has more of a small cinder that your line gets wrapped around.

Lure Weight

Lure weight is the second big difference between the two styles of fishing. Lure weight on spinning rod is heavy and the lure is what is used to cast. In fly fishing, the flies are made of feathers and are not heavy. You use the fly line primarily to cast your lure.

Fishing Line

In fly fishing, the fishing line is very thick and heavy. The part of the line that the fish sees is known as a leader. The rest of the fly line is generally bright in color and floats or sinks. In spin fishing the line is generally thin and clear throughout.


Casting is very different between fly fishing and spin fishing. In fly fishing, you use a back and forth motion with your arms. This, in turn, uses the weight of the fly line to cast your fly. In spin fishing, you use the weight of the lure or added weight on the line to cast. There is no back and forth motion in spin fishing. You just throw your lure out and start your retrieval.

Lure materials

Lure materials used in fly fishing consist mainly of feathers and furs. They are made from these materials because they need to be lightweight. In spin fishing, fishermen use a variety of materials, including soft plastic, metal, hard plastic and rubber to name a few. Spin fishermen may also use live bait, which is not possible in fly fishing.

There are many differences between fly fishing and spin fishing. When starting in the sport, it is much easier to get into spin fishing. Fly fishing takes more skill and concentration. It also takes much more time to learn all the techniques involved to have a successful day of fishing. If you want to fly fish, I suggest buying a book and learn what you can from reading, then go with a guide to take you on your first trip so you can learn the basics from an experienced angler.


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