When can you bust an abscess

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A:Do not attempt to drain the abscess yourself, as you can cause damage. See a doctor to have the abscess drained. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-can-you-bust-an-abscess ]
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When can you bust an abscess
Do not attempt to drain the abscess yourself, as you can cause damage. See a doctor to have the abscess drained. ChaCha on!
Does anyone no what will happen if my abscess busts during the ni…?
If the infection is on the surface of the gum and lilkey to burst, wash your mouth out with very hot salty water which will encourage it. Nothing will happen if/when it does burst, apart from a horible taste in the mouth and the pain will g…
Can you die if an abscessed tooth busts open??
SEPTICEMIA ANY infection needs to be treated immediately with antibiotics, as you could become VERY sick if the infection enters your bloodstream. If you get “blood poisoning” and it goes untreated you could possibly die. <<…

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What can you do to take the pain and infection out of an abscessed tooth?
Q: This is when you are not able to afford to go to the Dentist and can follow instructions and care to fix yourself if you knew what to do? Please help I am in terrible pain, I know it is an abscessed tooth, I can see the puss inside the tissue and have released it before and felt lots better for many years without problems – only difference is this one isn’t busting on it’s own….Thanks for your Opinion of suggestions.
A: Any antibiotic will help your problem, but it will not fix it. An abscess can be life threatening, especially since you stated you have at least one other tooth that has an active infection also. If you cannot afford a root canal, then you need to have the tooth pulled and it should only cost about $150. If you cannot afford that then there are usually free dental clinics around the area. An infection can spread and i have seen it happen before to where the patient has had to be rushed to the emergency room.
Can a tick bury itself in your dog’s skin and cause an abscess?
Q: I noticed my dog licking it’s hind a couple days ago after I applied Frontline to deal with a recent flea infestation. The dog was flea free as is the house after being completely “bombed.” Two days later I noticed that she was still licking close to her rump and that now there was a redish looking raised bump with a black center. I donned gloves and hydrogen peroxide, wiped the area clean and attempted to examine the area when the bump busted open and began oozing a bloody puss mixture. I continued to clean it until it stop oozing but while I was cleaning it, I noticed whitish/grayish shell like pieces coming out of the wound. This made me suspect a tick, but upon further squeezing and probing into the hole/wound with a tweezer I discovered nothing. The vet cannot see her for a couple of days. Do you think it was a tick and could the head still be inside? The hole is rather large now, about the size of a small green pea and I searched as much as the dog would allow for other peices of the shell like structure or head, but I have found nothing. I have treated the area with peroxide and I am monitoring it.
A: Your dog probably had a tick that went unnoticed and either abandoned ship when the Frontline was applied or he merely fell off on his own.The few times I have found a tick on my dog, after I removed it, a bump was left behind at the site of the bite. When the tick was attached, at the same time it was sucking blood, it was also dispensing a bit of saliva which will cause fluid to build. Most times the bump goes down on its own but you probably go to it first and accidentally popped it.The wound will probably heal on its own but just in case of infection I would keep your vet appointment and keep an eye out for any physical or behavior changes.
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