Breaking Dawn

You awoke at the same hour everyday,
And on this day,you awoke to sleep your final sleep
So peaceful, so angelic, no words could begin to say
You touched so many people, so many, so deep
Your laugh,literally,made the whole world laugh
Your cussing and swearing could make the world applaud
Your ability and capacity to love,could cut the world in half
Whether the next door neighbor or people abroad
You made fun of your size,and made food the joy of your life
You made the best grandmother,an amazing mother and an incredible wife
At this breaking dawn,I sit and remember,your toothless smile
Tears rush to my eyes, and I blink them away
I wish I could have said goodbye
It hurt so bad, still does and will do for a while
You’re with your loved ones, all happy and gay
And still once more, we will be together again.

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