How to Furnish and Decorate a Garden Room

Those that enjoy gardening and have an auxiliary space such as a mudroom, a breezeway or a utility room with a sink can create an indoor area for potting plants, storing seeds, organizing hand tools and more. Plumbing can be rerouted through a wall that adjoins a bathroom, a utility room or a kitchen. It can be a perfect space for planting preparation, especially if the room offers a number of south-facing windows and lots of areas for storage.

One of my former homes had a large breezeway, and it would have made a perfect garden room. It had two large windows and plenty of space for storing everything from planters to soil. It also had a utility sink, and if I had stayed in the home I could have added a countertop and cabinets. Consider my ideas on ways to furnish and decorate a garden room, and create a comfortable and stylish place for planning gardens and storing related supplies.

Decorate the Room with Natural Hues

Although a garden room is a space with a practical purpose, decorate it in a stylish way to coordinate with the rest of the home. Begin with a fresh coat of paint. Select a natural eye-pleasing hue such as lily green, creamy beige or light sky blue. Crisp, clean colors are an excellent choice when attempting to decorate a small space. Light cool hues make a small area appear brighter and more spacious than ever.

Use Beadboard Cabinetry to Furnish your Garden Room

Whether or not the garden room has a source of running water, furnish it with a row of lower cabinets and a sturdy countertop. The counter will give you a place for preparing planters, trimming potted plants and more. The cabinets will provide a space for storing seeds, trowels and other small garden implements. Consider beadboard pine cabinetry when looking for ways to furnish and decorate the space on a budget. It has a country cottage look, and it is an inexpensive alternative to oak and other hardwoods. It is the perfect addition to a traditional home.

Furnish the Garden Room with an Island

If space allows, add a portable island countertop when seeking creative and practical ways to furnish and decorate your garden room. A countertop is helpful, but an island with storage is a plus. It provides another location for potting seedlings, starting seeds and propagating plants.

Decorate and Furnish the Space with Garden Supplies and Potted Plants

Use garden supplies and potted plants to decorate your garden room. Consider mounting a shelf above a countertop and below garden room windows. Sunny locations can be used to hold blooming foliage in decorative pots. They can also be used to start seeds and harden seedlings on warm breezy days. Consider using antique garden implements to decorate the walls. You might find them useful as well as ornamental, especially trowels, rakes and small pruning shears. It can be a gardener’s dream come true.

Source: Personal and Professional Home Decorating and Design Experience

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