Simple DIY Centerpieces for Fall

Whip up any of these easy DIY centerpieces and display them on the coffee table, dining room table, in the foyer, or anywhere you want a splash of color for fall. You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to set out an attractive fall centerpiece; they’re a beautiful addition for daily use, and they’re very easy to put together too. In as little as ten minutes, you can arrange an attractive fall centerpiece that can be used over and over again. Even if you’ve never done it before!

Let’s make something clear. A centerpiece doesn’t have to be made of flowers, although that is the main component most people associate one with. While flowers are wonderful, it’s not within everyone’s skill level to arrange them. Therefore, we will be listed some alternative fall centerpiece ideas. Moreover, it also doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, or require a lot of skill, to arrange a centerpiece. We’ve listed several different DIY centerpieces that can be put together by all skill levels. Even beginners.

Simple candy centerpiece

Wine and beverage glasses are fabulous vessels for holding small items for a quick centerpiece. Fill an assortment of clear glasses with orange, brown, red, and green candies. M & M’s, gumballs, candy corn, gumdrops, and little candy pumpkins, will fit perfectly and look great. Don’t like the idea of using candy? Substitute it for acorns, buttons, or potpourri, instead.

Stacked pumpkin centerpiece

Although orange is the color most people associate with pumpkins, they can also be found in green, white, and sometimes yellow. To make this simple fall centerpiece, use three very small pumpkins in varying colors. Stack the pumpkins on top of one another, and use a dowel rod to hold them in place.

Coffee and candle centerpiece

These centerpieces for fall are so quick to arrange, you can make several of them in just a few minutes. Place a votive candle in the middle of a small clear dish, and surround it with a handful of coffee beans. The beans hold the candle in place, and release the fragrant scent of coffee into the air.

Apple centerpiece

Add a touch of warmth to your table with apple candleholders. They’re very simple to make, and if you whip up a few of them and display them on a charger or platter, they’re make a very attractive centerpiece for fall. Learn how to make ‘Easy Homemade Apple Candleholders’.

Dried wheat fall centerpiece

Head over to your local craft store a pick up a bunch (or two) of dried wheat. Insert the wheat into a tall glass vase and tie an attractive ribbon around the base. Look for wire ribbon that will hold its shape, and don’t forget to use one with fall colors and/or an autumnal pattern. It get much easier than that!

Quick berry centerpiece

Fill the bottom of a hurricane vase with dried beans, and insert sticks of pip berry, or part of a pip berry garland, into the vase. Add several of them side-by-side for a very pretty, yet simple, fall centerpiece.

Apple basket centerpiece

Fill a shallow wicker basket with colorful apples for an instant fall centerpiece. Use a combination of red apples, green apples, yellow apples, and colorful Gala apples for maximum effect. The same thing can be done with colorful gourds and miniature pumpkins.

Pumpkin floral centerpiece

Take a small pumpkin and hollow out the middle to a depth of 5 – 6 inches. Spray with WD40 to keep the pumpkin from rotting. Find a small candle holder that will fit inside the hole and fill it with real or artificial fall-colored flowers. Insert into the hole for an absolutely stunning fall centerpiece idea.

Edible centerpiece

This fun fall centerpiece is great for dinner parties, as it serves as both the appetizer and the focal point for the table. Use a pumpkin or cantaloupe as the base, and insert skewers filled with fruit and cheese to form the centerpiece. This is particularly fun for Thanksgiving, since you can transform the centerpiece into a cute turkey. Learn ‘How to Make an Edible Centerpiece’.


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