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Acne joke

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Why should Fat people with bad acne not go to basketball games? They might get mistaken for the ball. More jokes? ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/acne-joke ]
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Is Acne Treatment a Joke?
Acne treatment is not a joke – If not taken seriously, it can result in permanent scarring. I know this for a fact because many clients have come into my office saying that they have been facing acne issues for a long time, but never really…

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Joke for people with acne?
Q: Acne jokes
A: Somebody hit you in the face with a bag full of botfly eggs?
OMG! lol:P I heard tht SPERMS can help cure your ACNE and good 4 ur face is this true or a joke? :P?
A: Some perv is trying to get you to let him do things to you!
Is acne a sick joke made by God?
Q: “You have a valid question and I don’t know why people have to jab and poke at someone else’s expense.”No it’s definitely not valid, have you read my other questions?
A: probably, puberty just wasn’t quite painful and embarrassing enough i guess
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