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What do you call a pimple on a blonde’s rear? A brain tumor! Thank you for using ChaCha! Have a great night! Text us 24/7! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/acne-jokes ]
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Is Acne Treatment a Joke?
Acne treatment is not a joke – If not taken seriously, it can result in permanent scarring. I know this for a fact because many clients have come into my office saying that they have been facing acne issues for a long time, but never really…

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good insult jokes, people who have no necks, bad acne?
Q: good jokes for people that have bad acne,virgin, turkey necks. we get joking at work and i need so good comebacks.any websites?
A: eeeewwww!!! What happened to you!Oh yeah, you always looked like that.you know you could probably improve your complextion if you just used soap and water. actually if you scrub hard enough you could take off your whole face and save everyone a hassle of looking at you! ooooohhh!!! burn!why do you keep your turkey jerky around your neck?! wait! is that just your neck?!sorry if these are boring just made them up.actually said the first one to a guy at work, i’d seen he’d just got a hair cut and asked him ‘what happened to you?’ then i didn’t want the guys to know i’d noticed something like a haircut on another guy, so i quickly blurted out with an attitude ‘ oh yeah you always looks like that.’ everyone had a good laugh about that.
I’m 14 years old, and I want to know the BEST way to take care of my acne problem. Please, no jokes!?
A: try pro-active sulotion or clearasil ultra..i use pro active one week and clearasil ultra the next it useually keeps my face clear and im 13 so..yea..o and by the way my mom says if you put toothpaste on it over nite it mite work..tho iv tried it once it only took away a lil bit. o and ovoide Chocolate, and grease and dont eat as much sweets trust me i hate acne and it doesnt stand a chance against me. and try to stay out of stress it usually causes it as well
anyone know a good cure for acne. no jokes please?
A: here are a few good tips for you; wash with an anti bacterial wash; tea tree oil is good, hi bi scrub is very cheap & is available from the chemist also get an anti bacterial soap which is very cheap. try adjusting your diet, eat lots of fruit & vegetables. Drink lots of water. avoid unhealthy food, pizzas, burgers, crisps, chocolate etc. Proactiv has got a good rep. A bit pricy (£12 – £15 a jar) but if u can afford it Manuka Honey is excellant, have a spoon full everyday & you can also apply it directly to your skin. Hri clear complexion available from holland and barrett is a herbal remedy very gd in the treatment of acne. Your GP can prescribe a short blast of antibiotics as well but these can be hard on the system. Good luck mate i had bad acne when i was young and i turned out to be quite a good looking lad.
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