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Acne tips

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Some acne tips include, improving diet, reducing coffee intake, cleansing your skin, regularly exercise, and drink water, MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/acne-tips ]
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What are some tips on getting rid of acne?
Hi, here is an interesting article I found. If you have ever dealt with a severe case of acne you realize how upsetting it can be getting rid of acne. For many people this is not what they deal with every now and then. They have to deal wit…
How to Get Rid of Acne Scars Tips
The skin condition known as acne, which is often most prevalent during the teenage years, can be extremely stressful and frustrating to deal with. But even more devastating are the acne scars on the face,… acne scars removing acne scars t…
How to Get Rid of Acne Scars – Working Tips
The initial step in getting rid of acne scars is always to decide whether you would like to give it time to heal naturally or whether you would like to accelerate the process with the assistance of active treatment. Most acne scars fade nat…

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Acne tips?
Q: I have somewhat pale skin, not to mention I ‘sweat like a pig’. I don’t have such bad acne, in fact I don’t have much at all, however with my pale skin, that’s all anybody notices. I’ve tried loads of different facial washes, cover-ups and concealers, however nothing seems to get rid of/hid my acne.Any tips of products/techniques to rid me of the planet on my face?
A: Mary Kay products. also you do not want to keep jumping from product to product it isnt good for your skin. find a consultant near you. or you can email me for [email protected]
ACNE!!! tips??
Q: HELP ME PLEASE!! how can i get rid of acne!! any good QUICK tips of geting rid of acne!! im 14 years old and i have a lot of acne. IT SUCKS!! PLEASE answer me!!! TANX!!!!!A LOT!!!!
A: wash your face.
acne tips :]?
Q: what products get rid of acne scars, blackheads, and pimples?[preferably stuff i can get at cvs or walgreens]what can i do after its gone to keep it away?*NO PROACTIV PLEASE*i tried it for three straight months and it suckkkkswhen i stopped using it i think my skin actully improved lol:]
A: My site gives you lots of tips on the proper way to treat blackheads and acne along with recipes for all natural products you can make yourself. I teach pro makeup and skin care for John Casablancas Modeling school and we often deal with girls trying to rid these problems… and to camoflage them so check the “Makeup Tips” catagory as well:http://www.beautyandthebudget.blogspot.comGood luck!
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