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Are they working on a cure

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A:Yes, there is work being done researching a permanent cure for hemophilia; treatment begins at birth in many cases though. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/are-they-working-on-a-cure ]
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Are they working on a cure
Yes, there is work being done researching a permanent cure for hemophilia; treatment begins at birth in many cases though.
Colon cure: Does it work?
NO if your not consitipated then dont take it. If you want to lose weight take a tsp of braggs vinegar before you eat . Read You Are WHat You Eat by Gillian Mc Keith. I lost 70 lbs in 11 weeks.
Does it really work? laser cure nails.
Clinical studies to date reveal that over 88% of treated patients show significant improvement. In most cases fungus nails are completely cured.

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It’s been over 20 Years.when are they going to have a cure for HIV/AIDS for christ’s sake? lol?
Q: I just think it would be awesome if they got rid of this thing because i think nobody likes sex with a condom, and some girls want to have sex without one and i’m like um no. So, I look up on the interent for working cures on this and some sites say its not possible.some say it is but not for a long time.some say its close, and i just heard Bill Gates donated a large amount to finding a cure and doctors complain the main thing stopping them is money so that should help things along.I’m just wondering what people know out there?
A: Wow, forbiddenfruit gave the most ignorant answer I’ve heard in a long time concerning AIDS! AIDS will NEVER go away on it’s own! I do agree that we need a cure for cancer as well. But why does it have to be one or the other? If people would quit spending there money on frivolous crap, such as hundreds of thousands of dollars for designer clothes, and used that money for good….then we may be able to find cures for both. As well as fix many problems and illnesses that are facing the world today. As it takes more than one large donation to find a cure for anything. It takes billions of dollars, and many trial and errors before a cure can be found. Sadly, I don’t think that we are close to a cure for AIDS at all. They may be close to a vaccine however. But even if there were a cure for AIDS, you still need to wear a condom during sex. While AIDS is the most deadly STD out there, it isn’t the only one. Many others are life threatening and incurable as well. My best friend and her youngest son died from AIDS last year. Her husband cheated on her then infected her. Ultimately killing her, their youngest son, and leaving 2 other boys parentless. So to the ignorant people who believe that only gays, drug users, and sluts get this disease….THINK AGAIN!
Are scientist working on a cure for cold sores to be removed permanently. Are they close?
Q: I was just wondering… I get them alot… I want to know if they are anywhere near comeing out with a breakthrough for this. Thanks.
A: I heard that US scientists have developed a vaccine (not on the market yet), but not a cure for those who have already contracted the virus. Do you take L-Lysine (100mg) every day? I find that helps (with a good multi-vitamin). Also have you got the cold sore machine (http://www.vcs.eu.com/) developed by dentists in the UK? My sister bought it for me, and it has seem to work so far. I think that it a better investment that the creams. I don’t think they do too much.
Now that they found the gay gene are they working on a cure for this terrible genetic disorder?
A: no.However, they should try to find a cure for the ignorant narrow minded folks out your way.
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