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Can a woman have hemophilia

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A:Hemophilia usually occurs only in males, but very really it can occur in females. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-a-woman-have-hemophilia ]
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Can a woman have hemophilia?
It is possible yes, but highly unlikley. There have only been a couple of cases of female hemophilics. These were the products of cousin marriages with both mother and father bringing the resessive gene to the child. In all known cases the …
Why are fewer women than men hemophiliacs?
The gene which carries hemophilia is located on the X chromosome, A mother who is a carrier has a 25% chance of having a son with hemphilia. Women do inherit the gene with hemophilia but since they carry 2 X chromosomes, the chromosome fr…
What is the frequency of women that carry hemophilia??
Corinne, It is not rare to see a women reach child bearing age with hemophilia. I have mild hemophilia. I am a symtomatic carrier. Means I am a carrier with mild hemophilia. I have heavy menstration cycles and have had 3 children. One with …

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Can a woman with the hemophilia gene pass the gene to children if the husband has hemophilia?
Q: A blood clotting disorder is a X-linked gene. A woman who carries the hemophilia gene marries a man who has hemophilia. Show the possibilities that their children would have hemophilia using a pun nett square
A: It would be most likely that half of all offspring would have hemophilia.h is hemophiliac H is non-hemophiliac h hH Hh Hhh hh hhIt won’t allow for the proper square format, but if you move the top row over a bit, you’ll be fine.The offspring with the homozygous ‘h’ are hemophiliac, while the offspring with heterozygous genotype are carriers
if you know a woman has hemophilia, what can u infer about her parents’ genotypes?
A: That they have the gene of bleeding easily without the blood normally clotting after an injury has occurred that cuts open skin.
Q: I have a paper to write on hemophilia, and I can’t find a certain answer, can hemophilia effect women? Any other info would be great also. Thanks.
A: “About 18,000 people in the United States have hemophilia. Each year, about 400 babies are born with the disorder. Hemophilia usually occurs only in males (with very rare exceptions).””Although it is very rare, hemophilia can occur in women.”I hope this helps, this is all the info I could find on it.Michelle
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