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Can aloe remove acne scars

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Aloe can not be used to remove scars caused from acne. It is used a skin reliever but surgery is mostly needed for serious scarring from acne. ChaCha again soon! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-aloe-remove-acne-scars ]
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Can aloe remove acne scars
Aloe can not be used to remove scars caused from acne. It is used a skin reliever but surgery is mostly needed for serious scarring from acne. ChaCha again soon!
Can Aloe Vera be a right alternative to removes scars and marks o…?
Acne is a source of stress and embarrassment for many people. Scars may develop after severe cases or when the acne has been forcibly picked or scratched. Many people are anxious about having a permanent mark left behind. Don’t worry. A lot…
Does aloe vera help acne scars?
Although acne cannot be cured by aloe vera based products, symptoms such as flaky skin, redness and swelling will reduce with constant use. You should apply a thick layer and wait for it to get absorbed by the skin. Like a cream. You don’t …

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aloe vera on acne scar ,stretch mark
Q: Hi my name is Adam I have terrible acne and i just find out that aloe veracan be helpful for skin my house has tons of it. i have been placing this aloe vera gel on my face. do i leave this gel on or remove it from my face?i’m leaving this sh!t on my face for all day. no i’m not gay. i’m tryingto remove acne scar i also have scar on my a55 and i would greatlybe glad for those who can provide any home remidy. will aloe vera getrid of strecth marks. like i said, i have alot of aloe vera. plz helpalso what can remove strectch markhome remedies plz
A: Health food stores sell LIQUID Vitamin E in a bottle; I believe it’s like 25,000 I.U.s. You WOULD NOT EVER INGEST THIS MUCH. . .but for topical application it has been shown to reduce the appearance of scars. I’ve tried it and it worked rather well. But DO NOT expect overnight results. It takes time! Months! Remember. . .it IS a scar. It won’t get rid of a scar COMPLETELY. . .BUT . . . it WILL improve it.As for acne scars. . .remember. . .Tommy Lee Jones (the actor) has that pretty badly. . .AND I THINK HE’S SEXY AS HELL! Lots of actors have that. I know you’ve heard this before. . .but a guy’s personality has the MOST influence on his looks.But I know at your age you’re probably sensitive to it. . .so I get why you want to ameliorate it. Just don’t get your hopes up too high if your skin is deeply pitted. I think only Botox treatments can even your skin out at that stage.As for the Aloe Vera. . .I know it works wonders on BURNS when you immediately suffer from one. . .but. . .unfortunately. . .I’ve never heard any claims on acne scars.I’ll bet you’re a “cutie”, though.
what is the best stuff i can buy to remove blemishes and acne scars?
Q: i’ve used: cocoa butter, shae butter, aloe vera gel. none of it works
A: Go with natural Tea Tree Oil and Witchhazel and Aloe Vera Capsules.I cut open the Aloe Vera Capsules and mixed 2 of them with 5 drops tea tree oil and 4 drops witchhazel and 3 drops water. WORKED WONDERS OVERNIGHT 50% of my acne and redness was gone
Is there any cure to Back acne and marks in teens?
Q: Hey, I am not normally the person to talk about my problems, but I feel that I have exhausted all options. I have had bad Back acne for 3 years now and I am now 17. After 3 years of Back acne there are extremely noticeable marks on my body from it as well. I have hidden it until now, which has been a difficult task, as I played Australian football for 2 years, and decided to quit because of this. As a combo I also have Dermatagraphia (skin Writing Disease)which I have also hidden from everyone even my parents until now. I am unable to go to my parents about because they haven’t had anything like this, and I’ll feel bad because they won’t know what to do, it will feel like I have let them down too, to say that something like this makes me so weak.I have used almost all commercial products for my back, and have found little to no results in any. I also read about the vinegar and tea tree oil method, but it seemed to only anger my back..I am a clean person and shower twice a day, making sure my back is cleaned well. For my scars I have used, Aloe Vera, Bio Oil, Vitamin E creams, etc..I herd that people have found a quick but risky cure, by getting a really heavy sun burn on their affected areas and letting the skin peal apparently leaving smooth mark free skin, not sure how successful this is though.If you have made it this far in my questions thank you, my main reason for asking this, is that my girlfriend is thinking about trying some new things, and I don’t feel as though I am good enough for her because of this.. I know this sounds pathetic.If anyone has any idea of how I can remove these scars and present back acne please share if possible.Thank you.
A: I’m an acne treatment expert and I must say Acne Free in 3 Days really seems to be one of the most respectable treatment on the market right now.One of my readers found so much success with the program that he wrote this full review.http://www.squidoo.com/AcneFree-InThreeDays
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