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Can epsom salt help it

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I would be careful of using Epsom salts to help an acne condition. Epsom salts could potentially damage the skin and cause a MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-epsom-salt-help-it ]
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Does epsom salt help you to lose weight?
nope, not to be taken internally. Soak your feet in it, don’t drink it.
Does epsom salt actually help?
^ I have also heard/read that MSM can be beneficial for joint pain. However, I cannot tell you with any degree of certainty how much it helps. I have used a number of products that contain MSM that certainly appear to produce relief from jo…
Will Epsom Salt Help a Pulled Hamstring?
・ A hamstring pull can be quite a painful injury. When the pull comes as a result of a sudden movement… ・ Take a hot bath with Epsom salt once the pain and swelling have started to reduce. Put two handfuls of… ・ The use of Epsom salt sh…

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Is it true that Epsom Salt can help revitalize dying plants?
Q: I have a small bonsai tree in the windowsill of my office that is dying. No matter how much water or sunlight I give it, it doesn’t seemt to help. One of my co-workers suggested that I sprinkle a little bit of Epsom Salt in the soil. Does this actually work?
A: I believe Epsom Salt is used as a magnezium supplement for plants. The most important nutrients are Phosphorus, Nitrogen, and Potassium. Along with plenty of light and the right water, that’s generally all you need. Micro-nutrients like magnezium are rarely deficient to the point of killing the plant. More often it is an overabundance of a nutrient or micro-nutrient. Epsom Salt should be used very sparingly if at all. If you over do it you will have to run about ten gallons of water through the pot as soon as over-fertilization symptoms appear, and that in itself could kill the tree. Consult a nursery before adding anything. Or check out Colorado State University’s website below. It may be of some help, though I don’t think it will specifically address your question.
Should I add epsom salt to my sitz bath for postpartum pain and if yes how much do I add?
Q: I’m having pain in my perineal area (I just had my baby on Feb.20th) and I’ve already taken 1 of the pain pills I was prescribed and have also sprayed on the Dermoplast spray I was given at the hospital, but it still hurts a little to sit or even stand. I’ve heard sitz baths can help, but some people have said don’t add anything to the warm water and others have recommended adding things like epsom salt, or herbs or essential oils. I have some epsom salt at home right now and am thinking of trying that, but don’t know how much to add to the bath water. I don’t have a special container to do the sitz bath, I’m just planning on filling the tub with warm water to cover all the way up to my waist. Can anyone let me know if I should add anything to the water such as the epsom salt and how much should I add – o yea and how long should I sit in there for?Just wanted to add that the Dermoplast spray is helping alot, I don’t feel the pain as much as before, but I’d still like to go ahead and try the sitz bath since I heard it speeds up healing time. So please still answer my question about the sitz baths.
A: Ive heard that epsom salt really helps if you have had tears. Only sit it in for about 20 minutes… remember, epsom salt is a laxative… so you may have those same side effects from soaking (I did…. lol). And only use about 2 cups salt.
Is it ok to soak herpes sores in epsom salt?
Q: Like lay in bath water with epsom salt and soak? does it help them or is it not good for them? what can you clean herpes sore with to soothe them?genital herpes
A: Um….wouldn’t you have to go to the doctor for that?
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