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Can hemophilia cause death

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A:Yes, the internal bleeding can damage your organs or tissues and, sometimes, be fatal. ChaCha soon! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-hemophilia-cause-death ]
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Can hemophilia cause death
Yes, the internal bleeding can damage your organs or tissues and, sometimes, be fatal. ChaCha soon!

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Can a virgin with hemophilia engage in sex or will deflowering her hymen cause her to bleed to death?
Q: If it is impossible for her to ever engage in sex, then how did the British royal family ever propagate itself if many members of said family had hemophilia?
A: Hemophilia is an X-linked disease. Females have two X chromosomes, but males have only one X, therefore males lack a ‘back up’ copy for the defective gene. Females are therefore almost exclusively carriers of the disorder, they have no symptoms but they pass it on to their male children. Therefore, they have no problems engaging in sex. Hope this helped!
can someone help me match up these genetics terms?
Q: A. polyploidy B. huntington’s disease C. inversion D. point mutation E. Tay Sachs diseaseF. hemophiliaG. translocationH. phenylketonuriaI. cystic fibrosisJ. nondisjunctionK. muscular dystrophyL. down’s syndrome1. sex linked disorder that affects blood clotting 2. affects breathing by clogging lungs3. diagnosed by simple urine test4. affects oxygen-carrying capacity in red blood cells5. causes plants to have multiple chromosomes6. causes muscle tissue to break down7. affects Jewish ancestry, infant death8. addition or loss of a chromosome9. extra twenty-first chromosome10. fatal, caused by brain damage, age 30-40
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