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Can hemophiliacs get their period

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A:Women with mild hemophilia may bleed more during menstruation (periods). ChaCha again soon! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-hemophiliacs-get-their-period ]
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What would happen if a female hemophiliac got their period??
They would not bleed to death. They may have longer or heavy periods though
What happens when you get your period if you are a hemophiliac fe…?
Hemophilia is rare in women; they are carriers of the gene. They would not bleed to death, but may have long or heavy periods.
How come hemophiliac women don’t bleed to death when they get the…?
The discharge of blood and tissue from a period is from the disengagement of the uterine lining – not an open vein or artery – It is designed to discharge – unless an fertilized ovum (egg) is implanted.

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How do FEMALE Hemophiliacs live daily? can they drink alcohol? get shots? What about their periods?
Q: Are there certain things (especially female) hemophiliacs need to stay away from? alcohol, or certain medications.I know mostly males are affected, but I don’t care. How do they have their periods? do very small cuts bleed forever? What do they use to stop bleeding? pills or shots? I wanna know everything about it I can.What about sex? can they bleed to death from sex? especially virgins?I’m a girl, not a pervert, I’ve just been wondering this for a while, and I’m studying up on it, but everyone only talks about males with the disease.Thanks…
A: Women rarely are hemopheliac. They carry the gene rarely have the disporder. Since they don’t have a cut during their rag it doesnt need to clot. There is also a medication that helps clot blood.
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