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Can I not do something else than take medications for being emotional

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Try getting more potassium and zinc in your diet. These two minerals have been directly linked to mood swings. Bananas and fish. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-i-not-do-something-else-than-take-medications-for-being-emotional ]
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Can I not do something else than take medications for being emoti…?
Try getting more potassium and zinc in your diet. These two minerals have been directly linked to mood swings. Bananas and fish.

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How can I recover from this emotional abuse?
Q: I’m at my wits end with all this so any advice would be appreciated. Several months ago, someone totally screwed my brain emotionally and I just can’t seem to recover from it. It’s almost as if he set me up for a big fall and I took it all and then went on to tell lie after lie for him in order that he could get back to his real life without too many problems. So not only did he take everything I had to give and then trash my life and my head, I then went on to make it easy for him to get back to normal and make out what a great guy he is. I trusted him totally as I have known him all my life and I just should never have let go so easily.I am just so angry with myself for falling for it all and for helping him get his life back in order whilst my own is under enormous strain. I have ended up in a major depresssion which is starting to feel like more than I can stand, every time I think I am getting somewhere, something else happens to put me further back again and I cannot see a way forward anymore. I have several other problems in my home life which is making it seem almost impossible to live. Please help me out here, what would you suggest, not medication please, so I can start getting somewhere with all this because I am struggling on an minute by minute basis with what has happened. Thanks, can’t talk to my friends or family as they know or know of the person involved. No sure how comfortable I feel about counselling but understand this may be my best option.I do exercise, I do lots of running!Wow, thanks CLGM for your reply (and everyone else for your helpful responses). CLGM I do feel crazy and can’t concentrate, I have brief spells where I feel I’m ok and that I’m going to be allright, then it comes back in waves and I feel like I’m drowning in the misery of it all again. I’m definitely keeping too much inside, this happened 3 months ago and I still have not got through a single day without crying, sometimes for hours at a time. I realise I need to speak to someone about this or else I am never going to be able to move on. Thank you so much for your sharing your story and no you’re not rambling, I understand what you are saying totally.
A: Firstly stop beating yourself up. We aren’t programmed to expect people, especially those close to us, to be so rotten.Secondly, know that you’re not on your own. I guarantee there are hundreds of people here on YA that have been where you are right now.Thirdly, don’t expect a quick fix, something that has injured you to the core is going to take a while to get over.All I can suggest is that you attend to your current problems one at a time to make some kind of order out of them. You can’t focus properly when you’re trying to deal with so many things at once.Have you thought of writing a letter to this person telling them exactly how you feel and what you think of them? Write it, then burn it as ceremoniously as you wish. DON’T post it! Can’t say it will make things alright, but guarantee it will take the top few layers of pain and hurt away.Good Luck
I’m in love but can’t tell her how I really feel?
Q: I’m in love with a wonderful woman of God but she does not feel the same way, or at least I don’t think she does. We are basically best friends. We see each other maybe 4 to 5 days out of a week. We’re both in college working on our education for the medical field. Shes attending Nursing school and I’m working on my BS in Psychology and then off to grad school for a Masters in fam/Marriage counseling. We’ve known each other for about 2 years or so. We met each other through a friend from church. I’m the crazy outgoing type who loves making people laugh while she can be more shy and laid back but still a lot of fun.We have soooo much in common its actually scary and we can both admit that. I think why I get along with her so well is based on that very fact..She pretty much completes me but we still have our issues that need fixed. We both really love the Lord and try to keep our friendship more veered towards him than anything else. We still see movies n such but also read scripture together or just pray. Lately we have been arguing more. Shes so stubborn sometimes but I am too. 2 days ago I went into the emergency room for abdominal pains later finding out I had kidney stones. It was painful and I was tired from being on Morphine and two other pain medications all morning, but shes been asking me if I’m upset a lot and I keep saying no, I’m just tired and out of it…but she doesn’t believe me for some reason. I told her I may be a little on edge from the hospital n stuff but I still feel bad because she thinks I’m mad at her or something. I’m not really mad at her tho….I wasn’t real impressed tho when she kind of spent most of her time txting some high school girls she met while I was with her the other day. I mean…I’m happy she made some new friends n all…But I didn’t drive 65 miles to watch her txt…but anyways…I might have acted the same way had I made some new friends..I dunno…I just feel like I annoy her. I try not too…I’m really good at giving people advice and helping in any way…but with her…it seems I just annoy her when I say anything “positive”…My other problem is that she takes me for granted. I think because we spend so much time together…Shes gotten used to me being around…and so shes forgotten what her life would be like without me. I know I should step back and let her go for a while…But it’s just so hard too. I love being around her…Her heart is so amazing and shes so fun to be around. We’re best friends and I think it would be hard for anyone to walk away from one. The hardest part of our relationship that I had face thus far was when she told me she liked some guy from New Mexico..I was like..wow..awesome..I didn’t show my discomfort and I told her not to fear dating…but that maybe it wasn’t a good idea since he wasn’t Christian..I think that’s when I realized how much I loved her..not “liked” her. We txt each other every night. We say gnight to each other 4 or 5 times and we have even managed to sneak in the “I love you” and “i love you too’s” . I’m just not sure our love is equal. I think I’m still at the “friend” stage while I see her as being more. Sometimes I question our friendship…I asked a friend of mine about a week ago what the difference in our relationship would be had we been dating….He didn’t know and I simply said…The only difference would maybe be kissing…cuddling…just the intimacy aspect…The emotional side to our relationship seems deeper than just a friendship..but that might be my over analytical personality. Some of her flaws include her misunderstanding of who God is. She thinks that in order to have a good relationship with God, you have to stay single for 4 years. She fears dating…She liked me first..She told me over the phone she did and pretty much asked me out…I said no at the time because I didn’t really know her…So my problem is that I am in love with her but can’t say anything to her because like most insecure women, she will simply come to the conclusion that I may not “be the one” and because of that…all walls must be thrown up to protect herself and to throw me out on the street fending for myself. She has to stay single because in dating me, that takes too much focus off the Lord (don’t know why) and thus, a relationship is not a practical possibility. My question is however; if she doesn’t learn how to focus in relationships now, how will do it she when gets in one 4 years from now? I don’t think waiting 4 years will do much for her. It may get her closer to God but she’ll still have the same immaturity that she had 4 years earlier. I guess my point is that in solving a problem, it must be dealt with head on; should everyone run from their insecurities and fears, nothing would ever be accomplished or learned. I love listening to some people say…”Well the Lord will show you who the one is”…I agree…but in our inability to hear the Lord 100% every time, there still stands that 50/50 chance that this peThus concluding that a risk is still necessary to ensure who God sends you for marriage is the right one for marriage. bottom was cut out..thanks
A: If you are taking a BS in Psychology this should be easy, you understand how women think already. If she is willing to text you every night she likes you, I wouldn’t bother spending that time with a guy I have absolutely no interest in. She may be waiting for you, some girls like myself like guys who are know strongly what they want and go get it. Tell her honestly how you feel. If you are afraid do it over the phone. Just don’t use text because based on words alone, without hearing your voice may not be suitable for such a delicate situation.
I still can’t understand her death. Help me please?
Q: 13/02/2010 – 14:44:22. My 15 year old sister Korla died after being rushed into hospital. My mum won’t explain to me exactly why it happened, all she’ll say is it was something to do with her heart.Less than a week earlier, I was taken into hospital due to a problem with my heart. The blood wasn’t being pumped around my body fast enough and I had a minor lung failure, but I was let out of hospital on medication a week and a half later.Korla bless her got very stressed and worried while I was in hospital, but the doctor assured us that Korla’s heart problems were absolutely NOTHING to do with stress. But I can’t help feeling responisble :/I need to find some sort of way to apologize to my little Korla. I miss her so so so much. We’ve had a funeral, and I have vistited her grave every day since. It was a really emotional service and the after ‘party’ had all of her friends from school and her dance club, and had all of my friends who knew her and all my family, just how Korla would have wanted it. We had cake and jelly, her favourite, and decorated the hall with her teddies and photos. Yet I still don’t think I’ve shown her how much I love her and miss her. What can I do?I know she’s looking down over me everyday, checking up on her big sister like she did when she was alive. If I was out with friends, she’d ring me at least 3 times to check I was okay. She’d always walk up to the shop with me to make sure I was okay and not lonely, we were VERY VERY close. We shared clothes, we even had the same friends despite the 2 year age gap.I need something personal. She was just your average, beautiful friendly 15 year old girl, but she had a heart bigger than anyone else’s, and she was kind to EVERYONE.Maybe I could write a poem, or a song? I’m a musician in a band and music helps me a lot. Maybe paint something?I don’t know :/ I’ve tried all this but I still feel incomplete :/Help me, please?Sorry for the long explanation, I just find myself rambling on about Korla. She was the most amazing sister I could wish for.RIP Korl, I love you sweet xxxxxxxxxxxxx ♥
A: I’m really sorry for your loss…To be honest though, the only thing that will make you feel better is time. You lost a sister, whom you sound like you loved dearly. You also lost a friend, a large part of your life. You will probably feel like something is missing from your life for several years, although it will definitely get better as time goes (but then there will be times where is gets much worse, especially on Holidays, birthdays, and death date). But honestly, feeling bad about losing her, has got to feel better than feeling okay about it (if that makes any sense). What I’m trying to say is that you should be glad you are able to keep remembering her rather than just forgetting about her.My recommendation: You should spend time remembering her. You should organize get-togethers where you and your family along with her mutual friends of yours get together and do things in her honor. I had a friend that died when I was about your age, and his brother and sister would organize little get-togethers where everyone would go out and have a little picnic near the grave site and just talk about the good times with him. They did this every month after it happened for about a year, and then started doing it every anniversary. I have to say I think after going to those get-togethers I definitely felt a lot better about losing my friend and so did his brother and sister. Its a chance to talk about your sister and make sure everyone keeps remembering her.You don’t necessarily have to have a picnic, or even go to the grace site, but I think you should be doing something together that she liked to do with you (Dancing?), and make sure you take some time to grieve. I’m sure your sister doesn’t want to see you crying, but I bet that when she does see everyone missing her it will definitely make her feel loved and I think that is important.Also, you mentioned a few things such as poems songs and paintings. What if all of your guys did a poem song or painting, and had a get-together to share them with each other and share your feelings. You also mentions dance club. Maybe you could create a dance for her, one that would be dedicated to her, and when you and your friends do it you would all think of her every time. If you are looking for something really big, you could get a billboard with her picture and a special message, or rent one of those planes with the message banner on the back. You could write her like 1000 special messages and put them in 1000 bottles and drop them in the ocean. I dunno, there are a lot of ways you could spend time remembering her. And dont be sorry for rambling about your sister. Keep talking about her until you cant talk anymore. Talk to anyone who will listen. You could even try talking to her.
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