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Can onions really get rid of acne

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There have been survey’s that onions may help w/acne scars, it has not been proven. Drink lots of water & eat fruits & vegetables [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-onions-really-get-rid-of-acne ]
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Can onions really get rid of acne
There have been survey’s that onions may help w/acne scars, it has not been proven. Drink lots of water & eat fruits & vegetables

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Dark Circles Cure?
Q: Dark Circles can be the result from Acanthosis Nigrican, Allergies, Kidney, Liver. This Diet will help you get rid of those Dark Circles. Follow the instuctions directly for 3 weeks. Do not subtitute anything and don’t eat any meats!basically doing research i have found that parasites living in our bodies from eating dead foods meat etc are responsible for our dark circles and most other problems. acne ring a bell anyone? as they are in our colon which is where death begins by the way. here is your plan. mix it around as much as you want ………. make ginger tea eat raw garlic with your salads eat raw leaks and raw onions drink rosehip tea drink nettle tea + dandelion if you can make your own from the garden by all means do so this includes catnip nettle dandelion mint spearmint eat some raw hot peppers with your salads experiment sauces. eat as many green leafy veggies as possible avoid carrots they are not as good as you think those with candida may understand what i mean. include lot’s of cucumber. drink thyme tea very important expels them. right now make pumkin seed milk loads of pumkin seeds + water ( not distilled or tap ) blend together add some honey to taste. make regular tea using this milk not! dairy. notice i have not meantioned fruit once! there is a reason for this and that we need to remineralise our bodies first and i say this because most of what you are eating that is healthy is not being absorbed right now because your body is too full of toxins and mcdonalds . and going on my alkaline plan will not only destroy most parasites but it will begin detoxification from not eating anything dead or cooked. you may feel abit weak at times abit of nausia but! this is perfectly natural and you must not stop once you begin this. you will notice your skin improve which will contribute dark circles. you will have days of endless energy. you will have days of lot’s of bowel movement very important! eat beets seeds of all kinds except fruit of course. drink plenty of ginger tea naturally if you can. thyme also. make your pumkin seed milk. experiment with the natural herbs + veggies god gave us carrots are not really natural avoid them in this plan not a single thing must be don wrong or you wil lnot see any imporvements . the fruit is our treat when we have cleaned our bodies thoroughly. some may never want to eat cooked foods again when they see benefits that is absolutly fine. eating raw food is the best thing one can do for themself. it is a doorway of true health. phoo i wrote loads lol. and now you know that this plan will alakalize you kick starting your natural healing. i promise if you follow this something will change in you.
A: lemon juice is a natural skin color neutralizer
Burn scars on the face.. How to make them disappear?!?!?
Q: Ok so as the saying goes, ” be happy with what you have….”I had some facial hair I wanted to get rid of and so I thought of using a facial hair remover. Ugh, do I regret that decision!I used it and the first couple, more than 6 times, it worked wonders.Then..I started getting a little more tingling then usual..I washed it off immediately and my face was a little red but subsided after 2o min. Then when I used it again I got a tingling sensation and washed it off fast; this time I noticed small speckled areas where my skin came off! : ( After 6 months a friend told me there are products for sensitive skin. So I tried it and my skin really felt horrible. When I washed it off more of my skin was burnt! Then I started developing acne there! I stopped everything all together! Now the acne has gone and the scars seem to fade.But how can I get rid of them?! My skin was soo clear before! I swear I am the biggest fool! I am desperate for help.I am trying natural stuff….am scared of chemicals and surgery. I’m taking vit c, washing with milk and am using a pack with honey, lemon, aloe,onions ( I cooked up this recipe myself.) Please if anyone has been through this or has any suggestions.
A: i like your natural approach to healing, but remember, scars take time to heal. natural remedies, unlike modern medicine, also take time. So be patient. Avoid all commercial cleansers, and continue a diet rich in vitamin c, and all the nutrients u can get. Be patient, and kind to your skin and body. It can heal, maybe not completely.After another six months, if u HAVE to, visit a dermatologist.Dont worry, u arent a fool, my sister had burns in a very private place from trying to remove hair with two different products…lol
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