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Can there be female hemophiliacs

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A:It is possible for a female to have hemophilia only if she inherits the gene from both her mother and her father. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-there-be-female-hemophiliacs ]
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Can there be female hemophiliacs
It is possible for a female to have hemophilia only if she inherits the gene from both her mother and her father. ChaCha!
How many alleles for hemophilia do females have?
females have 2 alleles for hemophilia, (X^hX^H) and (X^hX^h) if H is the normal allele and h is the recessive allele for hemophilia
Why is hemophilia carried by females but expressed in males and r…?
Because females have periods, so if they had hemophilia they would die in a month.. That is the most dumbest answer I’ve ever heard, here is the correct answer This is due to the fact that females have two X chromosomes while males have onl…

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How do FEMALE Hemophiliacs live daily? can they drink alcohol? get shots? What about their periods?
Q: Are there certain things (especially female) hemophiliacs need to stay away from? alcohol, or certain medications.I know mostly males are affected, but I don’t care. How do they have their periods? do very small cuts bleed forever? What do they use to stop bleeding? pills or shots? I wanna know everything about it I can.What about sex? can they bleed to death from sex? especially virgins?I’m a girl, not a pervert, I’ve just been wondering this for a while, and I’m studying up on it, but everyone only talks about males with the disease.Thanks…
A: Women rarely are hemopheliac. They carry the gene rarely have the disporder. Since they don’t have a cut during their rag it doesnt need to clot. There is also a medication that helps clot blood.
Human Biology – Sex Linkage?
Q: I’ve been taking Human Biology Classes on-line. I am having problems understanding some of the material that’s being taught. Just wondering if anyone know if a free tutorial site? We’re learning about “sex linkage and hemophiliacs”, which is Genetics based. (See Below for Question that is posted by our bio professor).Based on your understanding of sex linkage, describe in detail why most hemophiliacs are male. Can females have hemophilia? Can males be carriers for hemophilia? If the mother is a carrier of hemophilia and father is healthy what is there likelihood of having a male child with hemophilia? What is the likelihood of having a female child with hemophilia?
A: If you have inherited hemophilia, you’re born with the condition. It’s caused by a defect in one of the genes that determine how the body makes blood clotting factors. These genes are located on the X chromosomesChromosomes come in pairs. Females have two X chromosomes, while males have one X and one Y chromosome. Only the X chromosome carries the genes related to clotting factors.The mother is a carrier of hemophilia (that is, she has one abnormal X chromosome and one normal X chromosome). Each daughter has a 50 percent chance of inheriting the abnormal gene from her mother and being a carrier. Each son has a 50 percent chance of inheriting the abnormal gene from his mother and having hemophilia. A male who has the abnormal gene on his X chromosome will have hemophilia. A female must have the abnormal gene on both of her X chromosomes to have hemophilia; this is very rare.A female is a “carrier” of hemophilia if she has the abnormal gene on one of her X chromosomes. Even though she doesn’t have the condition, she can pass the gene on to her children. Very rarely, a girl is born with hemophilia. This can happen if her father has hemophilia and her mother is a carrier.
Help with some Bio homework – Genetics?
Q: I have a few questions about some answers I’ve come up with for my bio homework. I’ll probably be posting a few others after this as I work on them. I am not looking for you to do my homework for me, just to correct me or lead me in a better direction. I think my brain is just about to explode and I’m probably starting to complicate things WAY too much. At least that how’s I feel. These are the questions and answers in question:1. In humans hemophilia A or B is caused by an X-linked recessive gene. A woman who is a nonbleeder had a father tho was a hemophiliac. She marries a nonbleeder, and they plan to have children. Calculate the probability of hemophilia in the female and male offspring.I figured this:Females: noneMales: 1/2And I got to that conclusion by assuming because the father is normal and the mother is a carrier, the gene is recessive and therefore the girls cannot be affected (one X from dad is normal and dominant, so they cannot have hemophilia even if they receive the gene from their mother). The boys I got 1/2 for because there’s a 50:50 chance they’d receive the gene from their mother. Am I correct or at least on the right track?2. In humans, red-green color blindness is recessive and X-linked, while albinism is recessive and autosomal. What types of children can be produced as the result of marriages between two homozygous parents, a normal-visioned albino woman and a color-blind, normally pigmented man?My answer:The children can only be normal visioned and only the females will normally pigmented, while the males will be albino.My thought process was only the girls will get an X from their dad who is color-blind, but their mom will give them normal-vision, and because that’s dominant, all children will have normal vision. For albinism, the girls will receive the normal pigmented dominant gene from their father, so they will not be albino. The boys will only receive the albino X from mom, so they will all be albino. Am I at least close?Ok, that’s all I have for now. I’ll post others in a new question as I go along and answer more I may get stuck on.Ah! Zim you’re totally right. I completely understand. I had that answer intially, but when I went to type it here, I redid it and acted as if it were sex-linked. I’m starting to lose it…But thank you!
A: You’re on track for the first portion. However the albinism is autosomal and not sex linked. So the boys and girls will both receive the same set of genes. So the answer is no matter what you will be having normal vision and normal pigment. If you need more of an explanation let me know, but just look at it again and remember that autosomal is different than sex linked.
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