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Can you prevent back pimples

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Wear loose clothes Perspiration can worsen your acne problem. And when it comes to back acne, this can be a real problem since the back area tends to sweat a lot. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-you-prevent-back-pimples ]
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Can you prevent back pimples
Wear loose clothes Perspiration can worsen your acne problem. And when it comes to back acne, this can be a real problem since the back area tends to sweat a lot. ChaCha on!
How to remove and prevent pimples on my back?
I’d try BENZOYL PEROXIDE it doesn’t cost very much, & I’m sure it would work wonders for your back. But if you use it on your face, you have to be careful to dot it only on your pimples & not use it on your whole face because it ten…
First, don’t scrub — loofahs and back brushes may carry bacteria that could make pimples worse. Instead, use a body wash with salicylic acid once a day (try

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How can you prevent pimples from growing on your back?
A: First, pimples mean there is something wrong inside your body, no matter where they form. First advice you get from me is, don’t scratch your back. I know it might be tempting but don’t. My friend did that when he was younger and now he has ugly scars all over his back, you don’t want those.Like I said, something isn’t okay considering your immune system, metabolism, hormones, lifestyle.Avoid eating junk food, rather eat healthy food. If possible more fresh vegetables. Drinking enough water is very important. Clean water, no added sugars drinks bought in stores. Also daily workout routine is important so you improve your health, mood, reduce stress and increase blood circulation which is crucial for all types of acne.No products can be as good as your own body when fighting acne. But there is one great product that helps your body naturally beat all types of acne. They also have body system, perfect for your pimples on your back…It’s called ClearPores 3-step body system, read more here:http://www.easynaturalyou.com/clearpores.htmlMy advice is based on more than 6 years of experience as skin care consulter and nutritionist. I’ve tried and tested many things and I can tell you I’ve helped people with severe acne get rid of them permanently.Hope this helped! Good luck to you my friend 🙂
how would u remove very mild acne scarring..also preventing the pimples from coming back?
Q: okay…im talking about VERY mild scarring…like, hardly noticing scarring..and when you cover with makeup..is really hard to notice…has improved over the last 2 months…just needs to improve a slightly bit more to become as if no acne was there…i use a range of different toners – young solution, nivea visage etc. which have helped…but just isn’t taking it the step further….i do wear makup…although i try to avoid putting it on the area with the scarring to avoid more pimples from reacurring…wat else can help remove these scars quickly…mum refuses to take me to dermotologist because she believes its not that bad (which i guess is true) .. i just want them gone =Dthanks for ur time…much appreciatedxx
A: go to a dermatologist by yourself, if necessary. You will have a light peel, and have to stay in for some days, perhaps. You can not remove the layer of the skin deep enough by yourself. And you will have some prescription to keep your skin clean. You can try meanwhile peroxide benzoyl, can be purchased over the counter in any drug store.
Minor acne/ major pimples
Q: I have very minor acne and use clean and clear to get rid of my acne but i always have 2-4 pimples on my face and they keep comming. drink about 2 litres of water a day and wash my face 2 times a day useing this clean and clear lotion. I have a couple questions.1. What is a good soap product i can buy to help decrease the amount of pimples i have(ex, clean n clear , neutrogena) please be specfic with which kind to buy.2. Is it ok to use an antibacterial hand soap to wash my face after exercessing or when ever my face feels greasy for a quick wash?3. What are some things i can do naturaly to help prevent pimples to appear?4. I tried toothpaste but it didnt seem to work, is there a certain kind of toothpaste thats hardens better?5. What are some things i can do to quickly make pimples go away and some things i can do to prevent pimples from comming back? Thank you for all your help and these pimples are starting to piss me off.
A: 1. Neutrogena soap is one of the better face cleansers.2. Anti-bacterial soap isn’t one of better face cleaners. Carry your own soap with you to use after exercise and make sure you moisturize.3. Drink Rosemary tea. Use an oatmeal facial mask, use a sugar and lemon juice scrub no more than twice a month.4. I used Crest and Colgate. While I know people who swear by the toothpast method, it didn’t do anything for me personally.5. *Watch your diet. Food allergies can cause acne.*Use a daily regimen. Clean – Tone – Moisturize. Do this morning and night.*Make sure you change your bedding, especially your pillows weekly, more if you have oily skin or sweat heavily at night.*See a dermatologist.
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