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Can you take anything For cramping

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To help with cramping, you could take a pain reliever, exercise well, Zinc, calcium, and B vitamins, and oral contraceptives. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-you-take-anything-for-cramping ]
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Can you take anything For cramping
To help with cramping, you could take a pain reliever, exercise well, Zinc, calcium, and B vitamins, and oral contraceptives.
What to Take for Leg Cramps
・ Geriatrician Dr. Daniel Gornel, M.D., explains on MedicineNet.com that there are many causes of leg cramps… ・ Many times a leg cramp will go away if the muscle is stretched. Gornel recommends standing up and walking… ・ Most cramps sub…
What to take when cramping?
The only medication which is widely used recently is Quinine. This medicine reduces excitability of the muscles. But there are also adverse effects of taking Quinine. It can cause birth defects and miscarriages to pregnant women. You can al…

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how did you handle mesntrual cramps after your baby was born?
Q: i gave birth 4 days ago and i get these awful menstrual cramps can i take anything else for them besides motrin?
A: Sometimes it depends if you got a C-Section, or you gave natural birth, or what have you. Well, my cramps lasted for about 4-6 days. And I took motrin and used a heating pad. Not only for my cramps, but for my back as well. P.S.~Congrats on your baby boy!
cramping like i have my period , tylenol ok?
Q: i am cramping, i have been for a few days or so, can i take tylenol if i am pregnant? or can i take anything else? or is tylenol the only thing i can take? or is it not good to take that either? jw. thank you ladies. 🙂
A: Tylenol is fine. Advil is also fine in the first two trimesters. There is a list of pregnancy approved drugs. They are listed into 5 categories with the latter not being approved and being high risk. you can google it or check on What to Expect When Expecting’s web site. Good luck, and always double check your medical advice against facts and not just other peoples opinions, advice nurses also give great info and will refer any questions that they are absolutely not sure of to a doctor.
really bad cramps, i’m 4 wks prego too, can i take ibubrofin?
Q: yesterday and today i have really really bad cramps. so bad, all i can do is put my head down, and sweat it out. yesterday it hurt for about an hour, and today it has been hurting for the past 4 hours. i’m only 4 weeks prego, now i’m not sure if i can take anything to help ease the pain. can i take ibubrofin or advil or something? the pain is not in the lower stomach, it’s really high, almost right beneath my boobs in the center of the stomach. can this pain be from the uterus growing? or what? anything will be helpful, mostly i want to know if i can take any paid medication. thank you.
A: tylenol and motrin are ok, just follow directions on the bottle…have you been to see an OB doctor yet? pain in that area can indicate high blood pressure- when you’re pregnant and you’re blood pressure goes up, you can have a stroke– its very important that you do something about this asap. are you seeing black dots?do you have a headache?if so, you should go to the ER immediately
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