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Cure for acne

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While there is no cure-all for acne, you can take steps to help heal it. Wash your face twice daily, or taking vitamins.. MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/cure-for-acne ]
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What is the number one cure for acne
The main thing is wash your face twice a day, keep hair off your face, and take multi-vitamins. ChaCha real good!
How do you cure acne?
In order to cure or get rid of acne problems you need to figure out what is causing the acne. Acne is caused by clogged pores and usually oily skin. By using a gentle cleanser on your face daily it should help keep the pores clear from gett…
Is there a cure for acne?
I know how you feel. There really is no “cure” for acne, but there are ways to get rid of it. First of all, people are obsessed with topical treatments. This cream, that cleanser. And they’re all too harsh for our skin. So stick t…

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what is the best home remedy to cure acne?
Q: i have red several tips on how to cure acne using home remedies.but,i really dont know if this really works..please share your experience to me and how long it took for it to work.thanks..
A: Prescription Only. Its called MetroGel. It works wonders.
People Who Live Green: How Can I Cure Acne While Wet and Naked?
Q: I’ve got an acne problem and I am looking for bodywashes/soaps that will cure acne. Are there any good natural (no animals or animal testing, no petroleum, drugs or harsh chemicals) soaps or bodywashes that would take care of this problem?BTW, Eucalyptus could kill me and I’d prefer not smelling like flowers.
A: This easy, effective method uses one kitchen-cupboard herbal ingredient, and calls upon the power of a warm compress to open pores and allow the healing benefits of the herb to work on blemished skin. The compress method is more comforting and quicker to use than a facial steam, but is every bit as effective. For directions on how to do this. Check out this article. The web site also has other herbal remedies.PeaceGG
How Can I Cure My Acne In Less Then A Month?
Q: Hey i want to know the secret formula for curing acne in less than a month.And I will like the herbs that will cure my acne in less time.
A: Sea Salt / Make a mild solution of sea salt and water then mist your face and let it dry for about 15min and then rinse with warm water, this will pull the impurities out of your skin and speed up healing then follow up with a light moisturizer. hope this helpsDiana
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