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Do any famous people have hemophilia

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A:Abraham Lincoln and Mother Theresa had hemophilia. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/do-any-famous-people-have-hemophilia ]
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Who are famous people with hemophilia?
Abraham Lincoln had hemophilia, along with Mother Theresa and Ghengis Khan, the Owners of Walmart in DesAllemands, and Alexi Romanov, Anastasia’s brother History of bleeding http://www.hemophilia.org/NHFWeb/MainPgs/MainNHF.aspx?menuid=178&…
Did any famous people have hemophilia?
Examples of the transmission of hemophilia have been found in several royal families. The family of Queen Victoria of England and, later, that of her granddaughter the Czarina Alexandra Feodorovna were affected. The apparent ability of Rasp…
Who are some famous people dead or alive who had/have hemophilia??
One of the most famous hemophiliacs was Russian Prince Tsarevitch Alexei, killed along with all his family during the Russian revolution in 1917. The disease had been passed to him by his mother, a daughter of Queen Victoria.
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