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Do Bananas clear up acne

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You can clear up acne by using a banana peel with honey and yogurt. Blend them together and apply to face. Wash off after 20 min. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/do-bananas-clear-up-acne ]
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Do Bananas clear up acne
You can clear up acne by using a banana peel with honey and yogurt. Blend them together and apply to face. Wash off after 20 min.

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Has anyone tried using banana peel to help clear up acne?
Q: I heard something about it, that it reduces inflammation and helps with overall texture of skin. I have acne and dry flaking skin too. I wonder if anyone had results with the banana peel, and if so how did you use it? Did you rub it on and leave it overnight?How long did it take to see results? Thanks.
A: Its very funny that you heard it can be used to clear up acne. I just saw a program where they used a banana peel to shine shoes. Be careful you may wind up with shiny acne.
Naturally clear up an acne breakout?
Q: How do i naturally clear up this acne breakout that im having?I usually wash my face with organic cleansers and thingsbut my dermatologist told me to stop using everything for a while for this skin condition that i hadbut now the skin condition is gone,my face is improving now that im using my normal thingsbut im going somewhere in 3 days and i want to get rid of these pimples as quickly as possiblewhat are some natural remedies that WORK and work QUICKLY?I just did a honey mask and my face is a little better-Also: is it okay if i do 2-3 masks/treatments a day if im using things like bananas/etc?
A: Lemon juice is really good, but it can sting sometimes. A yogurt mask is really effective (make sure you use live yogurt).Doing 2/3 treatments a day sounds a bit excessive. Usually do a mask no more than 2 times a week to enable the skin to breath and calm down. Using lots of different things (including natural products) can overwhelm skin, just remember to keep your skin clean and free from excess oil.Hope that helps 😉
acne & my diet?
Q: i think my diet appears to play a role. i eat….* milk with cerial, cranberry wheat or basic corn flakes or fruit & fiber* Ready meals ie. sweet & sour chicken, currys etc, also eat sweetcorn, carrots and very little variety in veg.*Pasta & bolognaise, lots of rice.* i drink lots of green tea & also water (not that often otherwise im running to the toilet all the time as i drink enough tea as it is.also drink fruit juices like orange & apple juice.*i eat 2-4 slices of bread a day with some form of salad in them, nothing else.* I eat apples, bananas, pears, peaches and oranges & pineapples.- I do not eat any sweets chocolate, crips and try to avoid any refined sugary products other than anything stated above.Thats pretty much what i eat every day, but i have cystic acne that wont clear up and is p*ssing me off. I have had for 10 years now and bad scaring as well.I can say these foods seem to make my acne much worse, eggs, potato’s, nuts
A: Check out my blog. I am constantly reviewing products that have helped with my acne… healthyacnecure.blogspot.com. After 12 years with acne I think I have finally found information to clear up..
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