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Do girls not go out with guys cause they have acne

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Show interest, and show her that you would like to get to know her and you were happy to meet her or talk to her, acne or not. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/do-girls-not-go-out-with-guys-cause-they-have-acne ]
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Do girls not go out with guys cause they have acne
Show interest, and show her that you would like to get to know her and you were happy to meet her or talk to her, acne or not.

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Girls, what do you think about a guy with acne but can’t help it no matter what?
Q: I’m just wondering, because I get acne on my face all the time. I’ve used everything out there, and it just always comes back. It’s not a huge problem like all over my face, but they’re individual pimples that stand out, and when one of them finally goes away, another one appears somewhre else on my face. I wash my face in the morning and at night, use those pads to scrub my face every morning and night, and even take homeopathic acne medication and use topical cream. It all just comes back though.I think it pretty much ruins my chances to get a girl. I’m 19 and my body started changing later than most other guys growing up, so I know it’s just hormones still that are causing it. So, I guess I just have to deal with the fact that this recurring acne marks me as ugly and as a result, I won’t ever get a girl. Unless there’s someone who can look beyond it…
A: Screw the acne, Man. We all get it. Just be confident. Saying things like what you said in that second-to-last sentence is what will keep you from getting a girl. Not the acne.
more acne then normal & wrinkles at 24 yrs old?
Q: as of recently, (within the last month or so) i have been breaking out in zits EVERYWHERE, plus these dreadful wrinkle lines (3 of them to be exact) across my forehead. i have a 1 yr old which im very busy with during the day, and i have been feeling for some reason stressed out. is it true, stress does cause acne and wrinkles? or just a myth? it pisses me off so bad. i wash my face in the morning & night, moisturize (oil-free), eat healthy, and walk everyday (plus chase our little girl!), and even clean my face after i do something that makes me sweat. i do go to the tanning salon occasionally, so i know thats not helping with the wrinkles. but do you guys believe tanning/sun exposure clears your skin? also i use bare minerals make-up. i never had this many zits (maybe like 2 every now & then) or WRINKLES! it sucks having wrinkle lines at 24 and tons of zits. what can i use for these 2 problems? unfortunately, i cant afford anything to pricey. home remedies? drug store care? thank you
A: think ur stressed out take long naps with ur one yr old it good for ur health beleive me it works
Tips on getting rid of acne and getting the healthiest looking skin?
Q: Im going to try and explain my whole circumstance so i apologize if it gets long so if you take the time to read and try and help i very very much appreciate it! Okay, so I am an 18 year old male and ever since I got into the age where you begin to get acne I have had a fair share of pimples. I wouldnt say I have bad acne but I have my moments where its a little worse then others. I dont usually get pimples anywhere else on my face expect my chin area. It is very rare for me to look like I have no pimple at ALL because I usually at least have a few and if I don’t it just makes me more self conscious of my post pimple scars. Now I have tried many face cleaning products and while some of them have help none have really don’t anything to special for me to stick with them. Also every once in a while I will get one or two bad under the skin type pimples that can really upset me. I have fairly white, pale skin espeically in the winter so when I get a pimple the redness can really show. I guess I would say I have some what pretty sensitive and somewhat oily skin ( at least in the chin area). Ive asked my parents about their acne when they were younger and both have said it was not very bad. For me I wouldnt classify it as too bad most of the time,its not something youd look at and be like ” oh my god” but it is definitely noticeable. I have asked my mother before if I could go see a dermatologist or someone to get some kind of special cream or ask him this kind of stuff but she always claims thats for people with a lot more sever acne so I have never really got around to it. Now I realize a lot of it has to do with stuff like eating habits and stress level. As for my eating habit I have to admit I dont take the best care of myself in that department. I have the tall / somewhat skinny bottom type and have with a very high metabolism so at this age I eat my fair share of chips and unhealthier foods but am definitely willing to try and change that. One thing I do is drink A LOT, id say at least 6-8 glasses worth a day but that isn’t doing to much on its own. When it comes to stress, I get pretty stressed out pretty easily and thats a whole different issue then this one ha. So the things Im curious about and am looking for advice on is 1. Do you think its could possibly just pass ( I just turned 18) or is it something I should look more into2. What kind of store bought/ home remedy face cleanser has worked the best for you?? ( I have herd of egg white mask and have tried it a few times)3. What are some things that help the best with pimple scarring??4. What type of food and diet types work better the others?? what type of fruits and other food are better known then others to really help5. What are any other things I could try or do that would help it out?? ( I have herd stuff like more exercise but I always kind of thought if your sweating alot more from the face and such it would cause more? Also is there more things by any chance?)6. Also I have pretty pale skin and usually have some pretty decent bags under my eyes even when Im getting lots of sleep, I was just curious as to hear of way to make my skin overall look more healthy I have never really asked anyone about all this stuff in person before because as a guy I feel some what embarrassed to ask anyone especially girls since they usually tend to know more on this subject. But it has become a very big issue for me and something that is always on my mind and has caused a loss of confidence over the last little while. Now I am sure there are some girls as well as guys on here that have some suggestions and advice for me. So if you have any tips or secrets or things that have worked for you on any of those questions PLEASE help me. I use to be a lot more confident but over the years have become more and more less and shy because of it and want to get back to the old me For anyone who takes the time to help thank you so much, I really do appreciate it!!PS. I am mainly looking for suggestions for questions 2 and 3 but like I said any will be greatly appreciated!
A: 1. It definitely has a chance of passing, you’re still young. You could have gotten your skin type from another member of the family (yay genetics) so you may want to ask other members of your family, such as grandparents, aunts uncles etc, if they had acne like yours and when it went away.2. I used to have pretty bad acne, ever since I started the oil cleansing method it has really cleared up. The scars you have can fade (depending on what kind) with this method. It may seem really crazy to put oil on your skin to HELP acne, but it really does work! My skin is smoother, softer, looks healthier, and isn’t nearly as greasy as it used to be (yes, it helps with grease). Go to the following link and follow the instructions. You should only do it in the evening, just splash water on your face in the morning, and for acne I’d say use jojoba oil instead of olive oil. It helps with acne more, you could also add a drop or two of tea tree oil to your mixture. You can get castor oil from most grocery stores in the laxatives section, tee tree oil and jojoba oil you can probably find in a health food store. http://www.theoilcleansingmethod.com/http://archive.longhaircommunity.com/showthread.php?t=56123. This is a GREAT mask, all natural and cheap. It makes your skin feel very smooth and soft. You can also use the toner if you want to but I don’t as I don’t really like the smell and I find it hard to use with the oil cleansing methodhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e–d_n073pc4. Try just eating healthy in general, lots of fruit, veggies, etc. Avoid sugar! Sugar is known to cause acne AND it can cause premature aging. You also may want to consider buying fish oil pills. They have omega 3 fatty acids which are great for your skin, hair, mood, and more. They themselves can help clear up acne. You can buy those in most grocery stores as well. I take two a day along with my daily vitamin. Also, make sure you get enough zinc and silica! Here’s an article which can explain these to you in greater depth:http://www.naturalnews.com/021773.html5. Exercise definitely helps! You sweat, but that is good for your skin. It helps the skin draw impurities out of it. If you take a shower after and wash your face off then you should be fine. Sitting in a sauna can also help because of the sweat. If you read the oil cleansing method article I linked then you will know that it is a vital part of it! Also, try keeping your stress level as low as possible. Something else to do is make a photo log of your progress. When I was recovering I would take a picture of my face every morning. If I would get depressed about my skin I would look at the log and see how much progress I made! Make sure you get enough sleep too, your skin regenerates the most when you’re sleeping. This is why I suggest using the oil cleansing method at night.I hope this helps you! Just please understand that when beginning the oil cleansing method it IS possible to have an initial breakout period. This is temporary and can last a few weeks. This is because it is drawing the impurities out of your skin to the surface. This doesn’t happen to everyone, but I figured I should warn you :). If you break out it could be due to other issues as well, so make sure you’re following the instructions! Read through the thread I linked as well, you may find a lot of good suggestions there. Good luck!
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