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Does oatmeal make you talk more

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No, sorry, oatmeal does not make you talk more, unless you really like oatmeal and want to tell everyone that you ate oats for breakfast! But, oats are a good source of many nutrients including vitamin E, zinc, selenium, copper, iron, manganese and magnesium, and they are quiet to eat (no crunching!) ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-oatmeal-make-you-talk-more ]
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Does oatmeal make you talk more
No, sorry, oatmeal does not make you talk more, unless you really like oatmeal and want to tell everyone that you ate oats for breakfast! But, oats are a good source of many nutrients including vitamin E, zinc, selenium, copper, iron, manga…

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PLEASE HELP! how to make a lowfat, natural – yet still moist and fluffy – muffin “replacement” at home?
Q: PLEASE HELP! how to make a lowfat, natural – yet still moist and fluffy – muffin “replacement” at home?i would love any help or suggestions about how to make a muffin replacement that wont stick to my flab!!its day 17 since i’ve completely cut sweets (except honey and maple syrup), high-fat dairy, fried foods, fast food, and refined pastas and breads out of my diet. and im going through bran-muffin withdrawal. the huge fluffy ones that you get from the bagel store.. mmm ! help!my usual bran muffin has tons of sugar, oil, butter, flour, starches, baking soda, baking powder, etc. this is why its so fluffy, moist, crumbly, cakey, and melt-in-your-mouth delish. AND FORBIDDEN.today i tried an experiment with a concoction that i came up with for a guilt-free replacement for the bagel store muffin. the “muffins” i made at home today may not have the same dreamy texture (they werent rocks, though..), but they still have bite and flavor and provide the satisfaction that a muffin provides, without sticking to your gut..yet i’d still like it to taste like a more satisfyingly sweet and fluffy treat? (fluffy, moist, crumbly, cakey, and melt-in-your-mouth delish.)this is what i used..*ground oatmeal (in replace of flour.. and bran because it tastes better)*egg whites (in replace of oil and butter)*some almond flour (pure almonds ground up, attempt for texture of muffin.. maybe some flavor too)*raisins*honey and maple syrup for sweetness*vanilla extract to make it cakey-flavored and muffinie*a bit of yogurt mixed with applesauce for moisture and composition?? not sure if its actually doing anything but i think it might..*cinnamon (the muffin i longingly crave is a cinnamon raisin bran muffin)maybe its the amounts of these things that are important for fluffiness? the first batch i made tasted and felt exactly like firm raisin bread.. the second batch was when i added yogurt and applesauce and that helped a bit to make a less-firm consistency and gave more moisture.NO SUGAR OR ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERSNO OILNO BUTTERNO FLOURNO STARCHESNO BAKING SODA – not healthyNO BAKING POWDER – not healthyETC.i’m aiming for low-calorie, too but i know these are “muffins” were talking about so idk.. i guess as long as theyre not composed of anything that someone with a cardboard stomach wouldnt eat =Pany help and suggestions at all would be AMAZING. i would appreciate it so so much<3! thankyou =)
A: The applesauce and yogurt or cottage cheese are subs for fat in many recipes and egg white in lieu of eggs but I think you will need baking powder or soda to give texture (the air bubbles) when it reacts with any acid ie the yogert. The only unhealthy ones are the aluminum based ones. otherwise you would require yeast. Baking powder contains baking soda and cream of tarter was used also as a levening agent at one time. Muffins are the most forgiving of any baking so long as they are not overmixed.
my body, basically, PICS! do i look fat to you?
Q: http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/how do i get rid of my pouchy stomach? i am 14, i am not pregnant like people said in my other question HOW do i get rid of it???????here is a video of me….talking and you see me and you can tell if im really fat or not in it =] it will be up in 20 or 10 minutes or so http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1W6EQeEdXXEHAS QUAKER OATMEAL HELPED YOU GO TO THE BATHROOM TO DO…MORE OFTEN? HOW DO YOU MAKE THE OATMEAL TASTE BETTER?AND I THINK THE problem is that i am not Going to the bathroom to poop very often. I am not very egular in that case. I am planning on eating oatmeal, does that help you in times of need? If you think oatmeal tastes bad? How do you make it taste better?
A: First fo all, YOU ARE NOT FAT. Period. Now, I don’t think youé bloated, I think you’re pushing your stomach out…you’re just 14, give your body some time to continue maturing, growing…I think your body is still kinda ‘child-like’…so just be patient and enjoy life! 14 is a nice time 🙂
What does your toddler eat?
Q: This is more of a question to put out there to help everyone with a toddler. I see so many questions about eating habits, so let’s help each other out. Just list what your toddler eats and drinks, with amounts on a most typical day. Don’t feel ashamed…we all know we can cook spinach, oatmeal, and chicken all day….but I’m talking let’s list what actually makes it into their systems. Then please list if you use any supplements or vitamins, DHA, etc. Thanks!Here’s a typical daily menu for my 15 month old:Breakfast: 7 oz. milkScrambled egg with ketchupSnack:6 oz. juice V8 fusion (since she is refusing all (and I mean all veggies) or juice boxCheerios or goldfishCut up strawberry, banana, or kiwiLunch: Maybe one chicken nuggetCheeseSometimes mac and cheese or a few bites of pizzaShe won’t eat yogurt anymore or anything off of a spoon for that matter! (and yes I tried the yogurt tubes to no avail) JuiceSnack:Graham crackers, puff snacks, or fruitWater or gatoradeDinner:Maybe a few bites of what we are eating, if not, same as lunch or grilled chicken, and a bite or two of veggies disquised in ketchup until she catches on.Oh, and she still has 2 other bottles at lunch and before bed.
A: My niece is almost 18 months. She honestly doesn’t eat much. She will not eat breakfast for her daddy. So he will give her the gerber puffs and some of the gerber yogurt drops and some milk (usually in a bottle) When her mommy is home she will fix her pancakes and sausage. She loves that. When she doesn’t eat for daddy I usually bring her to get a bagel and she will eat half of one. She eats Pizza, mac and cheese, hot dogs, Chips, Soup (any kind) hamburgers, cheese, steak, chicken, raw peppers (red and green), chicken nuggets and tenders, fries, muffins, applesauce, yogurt, cheese crackers, cheesies, the gerber fruit bars.She drinks a lot of water, milk, & juice. Also some iced tea, vitamin water, gatorade. I can get her to eat veggies. but she won’t for mommy or daddy. Today’s meals/snacks/drinks No real breakfast. She had a bottle (only drank a few sips before I had her put it away) Lunch we went and got a bagel with a bit of butter (she ate half). and some water.Some iced tea at the park and more water.She had a bottle of milk around 3:30 or so.Snack she had cheesies (Almost a whole cannister) Her mommy gave them to her.For dinner she had some cheese burger and pickle and Mac & Cheese. Not sure of any other snacks as I left after dinner.
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