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Does taking fish oil help control acne

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Yes, fish oil has been shown to help relieve acne. Thanks for doing the ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-taking-fish-oil-help-control-acne ]
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Does taking fish oil help control acne
Yes, fish oil has been shown to help relieve acne. Thanks for doing the ChaCha!

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Acne, new birth control, fish oil, flaxseed….help!?
Q: Hi, well, I have had pretty good skin for awhile now. I had trouble with breakouts (cystic at times), some blackheads, whiteheads, etc. when I was in high school (about 3-4 years ago). My dermotologist put me on Differin Gel and it worked really well. Since then, skins been great, I don’t even need to use the Differin all the time, just once or twice a week. Around my period every month i might get a a few pimples but nothing too big or bad. I even went for months recently without having to buy a new concealer after I ran out because I didn’t need it! My skin was great! Now…out of NO WHERE…i’ve been breaking out. Lots of smaller pimples, and now just yesterday ive started developing a big cystic one on my forehead. As a result of the earlier acne, 2 weeks ago I bought some concealer/powder that is oil free and I used to use in the past. I havent been using it too much but obviously more than I have in a long time. I know this could be the cause of the acne, but i don’t think so, my skin has never been sensitive to oil free makeup and i don’t use it in excess and I rinse it off at night/when I get home.SOOOO….there are a few other culprits. I started birth control for the first time in maybe a year about 3 mos ago. It has been like 2 years since I was on it for a long period of time. It’s Yaz birth control and its been ok. My period is always nuts…esp. on birth control for the first few (up to 6) months. It will do what it wants…AKA come when it was supposed to (before I was on BC) and then keep coming when I start taking the placebo pills, so this month I’ve had my period for like 10 days. My doc says its ok as long as it regulates in a few months. Buuuut…birth control is supposed to help/stop acne! Not cause MORE! One other thing might be the vitamins ive been taking. Ive been taking this Heart Healthy Pack for like 6 months now…it contains: a fishoil capsule, a flaxseed capsule, vitamin B complex, vitamin E, and COQ10 enzyme. I also take 2 capsules of milk thistle a day. I more recently (but at least a month ago) started adding another fish oil capsule on in the evening because i found out i was only taking half the reccomended amount to help hair, nails, and skin. I think the only possible things contributing to acne could be the birth control, the extra fish oil (but ive researched and found NOTHING that says fish oil can cause acne, only help skin), or the milk thistle (but i researched that and there are no reports of milk thistle effecting the skin at all).Sooo this is long and I doubt anyone will take the time to read it…but I need help! Has anyone gotten acne from birth control…especially yaz? Or from fish oil, milk thistle, or flaxseed??Helpppp.
A: What’s happening is the breakouts are hormonal. The Birth control is supposed to regulate your periods and therefore your hormones. But you’re also taking all these vitamins for a longer time frame already. Now your body does not know what it’s supposed to do with so much you’re taking.Try this: Cut out milk and dairy products from your diet. Eat a low carb like little sugar as possible. No white rice, stick to brown rice and wheat bread. Eat grilled chicken, baked fish as little fried foods as possible.Cutting out these foods will make you less hormonal. By eating better, it will make your skin better.Also how late are you sleeping? Sleep early as possible, before 12am. Sleeping late causes havoc on your skin too.I had acne while on Yaz and I was taking Multi vitamin everyday. And I had the cystic acne.It was until my dermatologist told me to sleep early, and eat better, that I saw the acne go away. It took about 2 weeks to see results.If the cystic acne is really bad and painful go to your dermatologist. Get a cortisone shot to heal the acne quick. Good luck!
Does using anti bacterial soap help with body acne?
Q: I’m currently using Dial antibacterial soap and Neutrogena stress-control acne body wash… And I moisturize with Johnson’s Shea and Cocoa Butter baby lotion..I also take fish oil, minocyline, and One A Day Teen Vitamin for her.Do you think this will work?How long do you think it will take?Any tips on how to stop picking, IM ADICTED! =Orawr =[I hate this.I’m a sad dinosaur. rawr =[
A: lol aww that’s so cute you’re a sad dinosaur! Anywho… Your plan sounds great. I assume you got the minocycline from a dermatologist? That’s a good first step. Give the pills 2 months to work, then go back to the dermatologist if your skin isn’t clear enough. I would only make one suggestion in your routine. Get an oil free moisturizer for your body. Cocoa butter is oil and that can clog your pores. Try Cetaphil body lotion. That stuff is great! If not that, just make sure it says noncomedogenic on it.
How do I clear my mild acne if I have dry skin?
Q: I have tried Clean & Clear Acne Control Kit and Clearisil and AcneFree and Witch Hazel. It seems like nothing works for me! Pimples go away but it seems like they come back in the same spots. I just started drinking a lot of water and taking fish oil, but my skin is still pimply! Help!
A: 1) Cook oatmeal and apply on face for fifteen minutes and wash.2) Make a warm bath with blanch of nettle and rosemary.3) Apply equal amount of lemon juice and rose water with a cotton ball and wash it after haif an hour for 15 to 20 days.For dozens of more ways, prevention, types and reasons checkhttp://www.beauticianworld.com/acneremedy.html
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