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Does that cause white spots under your nails

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White spots may be the result of a zinc deficiency. Thanks for using ChaCha. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-that-cause-white-spots-under-your-nails ]
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Does that cause white spots under your nails
White spots may be the result of a zinc deficiency. Thanks for using ChaCha.
What causes white spots on your nails?
Heres some info from the web you may find useful: There are many myths surrounding those mysterious white spots on fingernails that occasionally show up, but the simple truth is that the majority of white spots on fingernails are caused by …
Do you ever get white spots on your nails? If so, do you know wha…?
White spots are usually just your fingernails version of a bruise. Most times it’s just that you have injured the nail bed and it is growing out. It is not usually a lack of minerals as is common myth. It is NOT a calcium or zinc deficiency…

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A: overweightswollen anklesdepressionjoint painibsanginachronic fatigue
What do you think of this story….?
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A: Alright so i like your idea and where this is heading.. but it is really choppy. There are lots and i mean LOTS of grammar. (not spelling) like it says <At that point my hear was ready to explode with excitement> shouldn’t that he EAR not HEAR? like those this. it says different words then what it is suppose to be… ASIDE from the grammar which is ALWAYS easy to fix.Some of the wording in your sentences need to get switched up. i cant tell you EXACTly which ones. but i was confused at some spots.Also this is just a little tip. one thing that will really bring a readers attention to the book is the use of the 5 senses. (taste, touch, smell, hear, see) Sentence with these things really and im serious with this. it really brings the reader in. But besides the negitive stuff.. i really like where your story was going. and i would totally love to hear more.so i hope this tips helpgood luck
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