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How can you get rid of a sinus infection

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There are several steps you can take.One, begin a zinc treatment such as Zicam. Hold your head above a steaming pot of water more? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-can-you-get-rid-of-a-sinus-infection ]
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Having a sinus infection can be quite annoying and can keep you from enjoying day. One way to rid of sinus infections is to take steps to treat it. This can range from taking a over the counter treatments to medical treatments. You can find…
・ 1 Sinus Irrigation – This is number 1! Irrigating your sinuses greatly reduces pain and inflammation… ・ 2 Drink Tea – Drinking a nice hot cup of tea is a great way to get those sinuses running clear again!… ・ 3 Steam – Just like Grand…
Use sinus rinse

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how can you get rid of a sinus infection naturally?
A: If you are hoping to do it without any medications at all, you might not have too much luck. You can try irrigation of the nasal passages using a Neti Pot and salt water, but that doesn’t always work. If it is only antibiotics you want to avoid using, then you want something that will drain your sinuses. You can use a nasal spray like Afrin for three days, according to the directions, if things are bad. At the same time you can take Actifed, which will help break up things so they can drain. Once the sinus cavities are draining your immune system should be able to handle the rest. In the meantime, hot steamy showers will also help open things up, as will a steam facial. You will want to cool off the air of the room you are in, and get moisture into your air with a humidifier or vaporizer. A combination of these things is the best hope for getting rid of the infection without having to resort to antibiotics. As far as a no medications at all route, you will have to depend on the Neti Pot, and lots of steam.
How can I get rid of this sinus infection by Monday?
Q: I’ve had a cold since last Monday, but it wasn’t that bad until yesterday. I got back from work and just crashed…slept in this morning and woke up with stabbing pain in my temples, thick yellow-ish green mucus (sorry, gross, I know), and swollen glands. Obviously, I’ve got a pretty nasty head cold, but I need it to be gone by Monday, so I can go back to work! Any advice on how to get this nasty cold to run its course as quickly as possible?Or if you have something to say that’ll cheer me up, go ahead. Feeling pretty miserable right now.Thanks Darla…I will.Hey Derek! Thanks, you made my day with that site. And its only a part time job, (just an exhausting one).
A: Is it an infection or just a virus?A regular cold virus can be treated with some over-the-counter decongestant meds, but if it’s an infection, it could be really REALLY bad. There are some fungal infections that can cause chronic sinusitis that will last for months. If your headache and sinus pain lasts longer than a week or two; get it checked out by a doctor.In the meantime, gargle saltwater, because the salt will dry up the fluids and relieve some of the pressure. Also, one or two decongestants can help clear up your nasal passages.Now, to cheer you up:http://www.xkcd.com/605/:)good luck, hope you feel better soon.P.S.-Don’t work so late!
Can’t taste anything cuz im sick, and its an important week.?
Q: I posted this twice because I couldn’t figure out where to put it..So this is the third day I’m sick..I’ve gotten better, my nose is a bit clearer, but I’m still sick. I’m 16 years old, and my problem is that I can’t taste anything..I know this is due to sickness, but…PLEASE! How can I taste my food again? I’ve taken anti-biotics, dayquil, IBprophen. It’s driving me insane. I love food, and tonight we had enough money to get some ingredients from the store for a homemade pizza, and I love homemade pizza..But I can’t taste it! It’s so frustrating, I could cry.Aren’t there any techniques I can use to bring my taste back? At least for tonight? Jesus christ..I usually don’t care about being sick, but I got sick at the wrong time..I had to change my plans for NEXT weekend..And to be honest, this has..Really been my worst week..And I cannot tell you all that has happened this week..So please, is there anything I can do for tonight?It’s all in my sinuses. And I hope to god this isn’t a sinus infection..Because..March 10nth, I am donating blood..I know friends with health complications, I see those cancer treatment commercials, and it just…Breaks my heart to know that a stupid virus can get someone down..And I HAVE to donate..No ones making me do it, but I just want to do it really bad..But If I’m sick, then I can’t donate..So I have to get rid of this sickness before march 10nth
A: Hi Shadow, I answered your question in the other category. I hope it’s gotten better by now. Please leave your question in the “Comment Box” below on the either question. I’ll check both.I really hope you can taste AND give blood. Good luck to you. Lynn :)EDIT: The “Comment Box” is under the message you left me when you gave me the Best Answer. Thank you for that. ~L~
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