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How deep do you have to dig to get to rock

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The deepest hard rock mine in North America is Xstrata’s Kidd Mine, which mines copper and zinc ore in Timmins, Ontario. Mining is actively occurring 2,682 m (8,800 feet) below surface. The shaft bottoms out at over 2,926m (9,600 feet) down. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-deep-do-you-have-to-dig-to-get-to-rock ]
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How deep do you have to dig to get to rock
The deepest hard rock mine in North America is Xstrata’s Kidd Mine, which mines copper and zinc ore in Timmins, Ontario. Mining is actively occurring 2,682 m (8,800 feet) below surface. The shaft bottoms out at over 2,926m (9,600 feet) down…

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How do you start a flower bed?
Q: Okay, I am not an experienced gardener or landscaper so whatever help people can offer would be greatly appreciated. I live in northeastern Maryland and I am starting a small flower bed on the side of my home. The bed is about 1 1/2 feet by 7 1/2 feet. The ground has been filled wth hard mud type soil and tons of rocks. I have dug out the soil to get rid of all the rocks so I I have a hole there ready to be made into a flower bed. My questions are:How deep should I dig the old land out?What type of matting (if any) should I lay down before I fill with soil?What type of soil should I use to fill the bed with?What type of fertilizer….such as manure do I have to use?If all these questions depend on the type of flowers I am planting……..what are a good type of flower for my climate location and the time of year I am staerting my flower bed?Thanks for all the help/
A: First I think you have dug it out enough already getting the rocks out. No matting is needed to go between the two soils. Soil wise use one if you can that already has the amendments in it. Miracle grow has a garden soil that can be used in a flower bed and already has what you need in it without adding extra stuff to it. If you use a topsoil don’t get it from the box stores like home depot/lowes, etc. I have gotten top soil from them before and had grass growing in my beds and in the bags before I even opened them. Get a higher grade top soil from a greenhouse or nursery. Any flowers can be planted in your bed with your setup. Just be sure whether it is a sunny location or a shady location or half and half. From there you can go to a greenhouse or plant store and look at the plants and on the tags on the plants it will tell you what you need as far as sun and such. For early spring color be sure to buy some spring bulbs in the fall and plant between the plants. You can do all perennials (which come back every year) or a mixture of perennials and annuals. Just depends on what you like. Your zone region looks to be 7a or 7b. So you want plants that would do good in that zone for gardening/flowering. To make it easy on yourself, most of the greenhouses in your area should have plants both annual and perennial that would do well in your area. Hope this helps you!One other thing, don’t think that you have to be all fancy when you plant your flower bed. Do what you want to do with your plants and not what you think someone would want to see. It’s fun to see what happens when you go with what you want rather than a design. If you don’t like the result that year then you can dig up a plant and move it the next to where you want it.
Moving from an urban/diverse environment to a more “laid back” setting how could I socialize better?
Q: I hate psychoanalyzing myself because I believe that we’re all a little crazy if we dig deep enough (I guess my intention is to see if I’m crazy or not and not necessarily if everything I do might attribute to positive deviance). But recently, I’ve been reading up on alogia and at first I thought I might’ve had it–after moving from Miami to Flagstaff–but now I’m convinced that I have selective alogia and the full-blown opposite of alogia when I’m around people who are more pragmatic, neurotic or suffering from ADD. I mean, I only find diagnosing myself with alogia when I’m around more…Westernized people. I was raised in Miami so, I guess, speech constructs don’t rank as high as the meaning that’s being attempted at…try understanding sarcasm between agressive creole-laden english, patois, cuban-accented rhetoric vs venezuelan, ebonics, etc etc etc and you get the idea.You see, my dad was a stoner and my mom is random (albeit extremely productful; she runs a plant of 500). Plus, we’re Filipino so being loud and empathetic is natural. And as an immigrant family, we’re particularly sharp at recognizing the contrast between social norms (and doubly so around a dozen or so large minority groups). At home, I’ve been raised to enjoy and engage in conversations that jump between Tagalog and English highlighted with really random (but insightful) topics that are subject to tangent at a whim.Anyways, I’ve moved to rural Flagstaff (and Akron, Ohio soon) and I find myself at odds in conversing with…more Westernized/(laid-back?) people. Right now, I’m compelled to diagnose myself with a Western ailment (hence learning about Alogia in the first place) just to get back into the socializing groove…we are social beings after all, independent is great but I can’t build a bridge without somone on the other side. I’m pretty sure the simple answer to this dilemma would be to just keep up with conversing/socializing with people but it’s frustrating. Any suggestions?BTW, I’m 20 but only wrote formally for educational purposes. With contemporaries, I’m used to speaking ghetto but I know its a bad habit if I plan on making millions (unless I become famous or something). I’m taking a break from college and am realizing my brain is wired for urban life but I’m stuck here on top of a large chunk of rock.
A: I would just relax, heads up about progress and practicality. LISTEN. Everyone knows that you can rearrange the letters and get ‘silent’. Remember everyone of us started out the same way–naked and pink. Do your thing, don’t have to people please…there are not enough hours in a day to allow for self-indulgent self-effacing. Good luch at the new school and home, Have fun. Take mind off troubles. If that’s a real diagnosis, I’d take it any day to being what I have…
Prof Anger’s Song of the Indeterminate Period of Time (Fun alt rock with some space)?
Q: Hi Everybody.Well, today is kind of a holiday for me since I work in taxes. I figured a good song of the day would be a nice celebration so, I’ve got Earlimart for you. I’m sort of just getting into these guys lately after having heard them and been into it, but I never really listened a bunch. They’re pretty awesome and I’m glad that shuffle reminded me that I meant to dig a bit deeper.Anyways…Earlimart – We Drink On the Jobhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mv1BHv_NlJQ&feature=relatedEarlimart – Lost At Seahttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sCgPtEvaXKASo… how did you like it? Any thoughts. If you liked these guys and are interested in hearing more like them might I recommend Grandaddy as well. Happy end of tax season day! Hope everyone is doing great!Thanks for taking the time.Oh yeah, here’s the archive…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RrL6wFi3Up4&feature=PlayList&p=1BF0A8858823E455&index=0&playnext=1Thanks a lot Darth. Glad you liked it man.
A: Those were really cool – ‘Lost At Sea’ I thought was the better of the two, I’ll definitely check out more sometime.I see the comparison to Grandaddy, they’ve got the same kind of warm, fuzzy thing going on. Wow, I’d forgotten how much I loved them… might just have to go play Sumday now….
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