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How do get them, I have them on my back? How can u prevent them

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The excess oil makes the pores sticky allowing bacteria to become trapped inside. Exfoliating is a great way to treat acne. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-get-them%2C-i-have-them-on-my-back%3F-how-can-u-prevent-them ]
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How do get them, I have them on my back? How can u prevent them?
The excess oil makes the pores sticky allowing bacteria to become trapped inside. Exfoliating is a great way to treat acne.

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wt do u feed pet rat for treat? what r sum triks to train them, wivout using cliker?can they use hamster ball?
Q: (sorry about spelling, i needed space) I got a new pet rat recently. I named him Scorpious, and if anyone can think of any other stupid shows or gamers with that name, tell me, because its not too late 4 me 2 change name. well, i dont have a clicker, or a jar to use, and i want to wait for Scorpious to get more adapted before i train him, but i want to know easy ways to train him. Also, what are ways to prevent fleas, and know if they have fleas? my cats and dog have fleas, so our house is infested, and i dont want my poor rat uncomfortable. ive been running a flea comb through him, but it has been used on the cats and dog too. i washed it off with strong smelling soap, and washed the soap off, but Scorpious still got scared when i gently combed him, and tried to jump back to his cage, so i gave him the smallest amount of yogurt, because i read they can only have a tablespoon full every once in awhile, and i want to give him more when i make a maze for him to run through. so, i need to know as much about this as possible, along with other suggestions, such as if he might like a companion, and if it would be male, like him, or female, and have the possibility of baby rats. when i got Scorpious at the pet store, he had just been shipped there the other day, so though he was sleeping with two other rats, he wouldn’t have know them long. also, he is a good size now, so i have him in a 10 gallon aquarium, and attached to the top is a wired cage with things he can use to go up, where his food is, so he is good. but when i get more money, and if i get another rat, and when he grows bigger, how big a cage should i give him, and another question to my never ending list(and a little advice)-the water thing that came with it, the type where they lick the metal ball that is wet with water, was messed up. when he first came, two days before i wrote this, he didnt drink water all day. everyone said tap water was fine for him, but he never drank any, so today i filled it up with good water, and he smelled that it was good, and tried to drink from it, but he only got a little. the water thing said to screw the thing on tightly, but the metal ball was dry, and my poor rat was pawing and clawing at it, thirsty but unable to drink. i loosened the thing a little, and i havn’t had any problems, so any rat owners can have this advice, and need to make sure their rattys aren’t dehydrated
A: for one you can give your rat just about anything you would eat as a snack or treat…yes your rat should have a companion…and yes it should probably be a male because if you fet a female you WILL get babies..it only take a rat 2 seconds to have sex sucsesfully and they can even do it through bars in a cage…and the female will have up ro 15 babies or more…then you will have to get yet another cage for her to have the babies in and then two more cages in a about a month or so to put the babies in seperatly sexed..because they will have sex with each other and make more babies…and then you wont be able to put the female back in the males cage for at least 2 months after her babies are weined…its bast to get a male cage mate…i got a famale once and now i have 14 rats in my bedroom…hehe..and i love all of them..play time is a blast…anyhow…you will want a ferret cage or somthing rats love room to play..and loads of stuff to play with…you can give them just about anything..that you wont mind being peed on or shewed up..cause they love to chew…oh and no they usually wont use a hamster ball….or a weel really if you have a enterjetic rattie then you can get him a weel but make sure its one that have no holes in the part he would be running on…his little fets and tail can get causght an ripped off…whatc out for wire cage bottems and landings…they can cause bumblefoot…its like a staff infecion in your ratties back feet…just put a solid peice of plastic on the landing or floor and they will be fine…bedding that is and isnt ok is…absolutly NO pine or ceder bedding…they have oils in them that make them smell good to us but they can be deadly to your rat(s)….the sipper bottles your rattie was probably just ajusting to his new suroundings and was not interested in the water tap water is ok..i personally use bottled water but my rats also get flavored waters and only get the most expensive kind lol they are spoiled…but he will drink fine out of the sipper you can also leave a small bowl of water somewhere in the cage as well as having a sipper bottle your rat will love the bowl of water and youcan watch him take baths in it…if you get a female and she happens to have babies you dont want to put a bowl of water in her tank(btw females with babies must be in a glass tank its safer for the little blind and deaf babies)when the babies are abour 11 days old they will start to follow mom around even though they are still blind and deaf..and can easily drown in the water bowl (they are good climers and will climb right in the bowl unknowingly)…if you have anymore questions just e-mail me at [email protected]…ill answer anything…go to the site in the sources they know alot aswell
how do u prevent my cat gettig worms every few weeks when my other cats get it like every 3monthes wtf?
Q: my cat must have a weak stomach or sumin but every few weeks it has worms and den it spreads dem to other family members in the house now wdf!!!!! im so angry! on howt his keeps happeing if we worm it they still come back the next few weeks omfg!!!! can any 1 help me please i need help on how to like prevent this problem or a treatment that will keep my cat immune to worms for longer becuase we waste so much money on this cat we might have to give it away and i dont want that cmon please sum1 give me sum advice! please!
A: Zippy the Pinhead says hi.If your cats are outdoor cats, they are picking up the worms somewhere outside.If they are indoor cats, you need to boil, microwave, iron, or toss out anything that they sleep on as some worms come out the anus at night to lay eggs. The cats will pick the eggs up on their coats and being cats they will swallow them and start the cycle all over again.Make sure you are treating all your cats at the same time. You might want to treat them for the several life cycles of the worm they are infested with, but check with a vet first as that could potentially be harmful to the cat.
I’m pregnant by someones man? What would u say about this?
Q: I meet a guy coming home from a club. The first night we meet we got a chance to talk about each other’s background. He spilled a lot of info on him self the first night. The next day we hooked up it was his Bday we hung out wit several his friends it was great. We actually had sex that night. From there on we bonded through converstions and i would go with him to work where we would engage in sexual activities talk and get to know one another more. I was cool with that. He brought to my attention that he had a friend. it wasn’t clear what type of friend this was. but we continued to see each other almost everyday when his schedule allowed. He would say all these sweet nothings as if he was very interested in me. He put me on a peedle stool when we were round each other. Bout a month later I got a call do u know such and such I replied no.. She say well ur number is on my phonebill several times. Oh that was somebbody else who called you. I guess she didn’t believe me cause she called back said u can have him his stuff will be packed and u can come get him.His number was changed right after that. But before that we was still seeing each other and i had some news for him I am pregnant after 1 month. I felt like he meant to get me pregnant cause he did nothing to prevent this. 2 months went by haven’t heard from him but one day i got a call it was him reassuring me that he was going nowhere. He was so concerned about the baby and my well being. We have not engaged in any sexually activities since i found out bout the girl. I do not believe in abortions I’m totally against them. But i did think about adoption. friends and family convinced not to through with it. But i wanted a family before i had another child with someone else’s man. The girl keeps calling me asking y i’m i calling her man. Look i have no choice he is my babyfather. She is not excepting this child, she says the child will come second to her. and has convinced him to get a dna test. she says she is going to be there when the dna test is taken.My question is what would u do in this situation?How would you handle the other girl?Do u believe my child will suffer?Have i made a mistake by not getting the abortion?I also wanted to say he never has once said to me that he involved with anyone. when i found out about her i was 5 weeks pregnant. He agreed that it was his and he would do whatever it takes for his child. I never wanted a relationship wit this guy. I didn’t allow my feelings to get involved with him. And i didn’t think that having this baby would keep him around. I should have protected myself >>>>>>I am 27 years old he guy is 32. And I am 5 months pregnant
A: I think you’re disgusting! How can you start having sex with a guy you hardly even know? Was you at all concerned about getting a disease? Like STD’S? How about HIV? He lied to you, and he will leave you in the long run! He will never respect you as a women, because you gave up the goods! So you figure it out!
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