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How do i get rid of a cold fast? I

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5 ways to get rid of a cold fast; zinc, chicken soup, ginseng, lots of rest & treat your symptoms with Tylenol Cold Multi-Symptom. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-i-get-rid-of-a-cold-fast%3F-i ]
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How do I get rid of a cold as fast as I can?
Dress in LAYERS. Where stockings/long leggings under your normal pants, and wear jackets. If it’s hot where you live, don’t go out that often. It makes your stuffy noes worse, and sometimes turns it into a bloody noes. When at home, open yo…
How do i get rid of a cold sore fast?
Those ugly embarrassing sores. Knowone likes to have them, let alone see someone who does have one. Here are a few quick tricks to help dry and heal that nasty looking sore. Blot with bleach and it doesnt hurt your skin. Crush up an asperin…
How do i get rid of a cold fast?
To get rid of a cold fast you can take a lot of vitamin C. Also, there is a product called Airborne that you can take that will alleviate cold symptoms if you take it right away.

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How Do i get rid of a cold…FAST?
Q: yeah, so theres a school dance tomarrow and i just got a cold this morning. any way to rid fast?
A: 1. Start with a big box of Puffs (they are soft so you won’t get a red nose.) 2. Next drink as much water, tea with lemon and honey and clear liquid as you can (non-alcoholic is better unless you can’t sleep.) 3. Take 1000 mg of Vitamin C and some Zinc for the next three days, starting today.4. Brush teeth and gargle with either Listerine or WARM SALT WATER….(I know it sounds awful…but it really helps!)5. Stay warm and get as much sleep as you can.6. Don’t plan on kissing anyone if you finally feel good enough to go to the dance. (Not a good way to make a good long lasting impression…passing a cold.)I hope you feel better.
how do i get rid of a cold fast?
Q: I just gotta cold 2day and school starts 2morow and i dont wanna go around sneezeing and my nose running every minute. how do i get rid of it fast or anything that can help it. help me! quick!
A: There are no preparations that reduce the duration of a cold. All you can do is take paracetamol for fever, aches and pains, and possibly a decongestant to reduce the runny nose. All the vitamins, lemons and honey and all the eccinecea in the world, won’t knock a half an hour off your cold!
How do I get rid of a cold fast?
Q: i’m getting a cold and it’s really the worst time in the world, so does anyone have any suggestions to get rid of one FAST???
A: I always used this method, and it always worked:1. I would take Vitamin C and Zinc pills ( I had chewable cherry zinc pills that were tasty).2. Wash it down with Orange Juice (oj is soothing to the throat)3. Eat oranges (after you drink the orange juice it is easy to eat oranges even if you can keep anything else down)4. Take a cold remedy that consists of a nasal decongestant and an antihistamine (allowing that you are medically able to do so).After all this you wont even know you have a cold and all the zinc will basically get rid of it within 2 days.
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