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How do i get rid of achne on my face

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The best acne treatment is “Exposed.” It clears acne, reduces redness, unclogs pores and renews skin. Thanks! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-i-get-rid-of-achne-on-my-face ]
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How to get rid of some achne, zit, pimple, spot mofo on my face??
Nutregena face wash with the exfoliating beads. and also murad products work REALLY well

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How do I get rid of achne scars?
Q: I have spots on my face with achne scars. I have no achne just the scars. How do I get rid of them without lasers and things of that nature?
A: try mederma… you have to apply it several days for 6 weeks but it should at least fade them a bit
how can i get rid of all my achne?
Q: im 16 years old and there is achne on my face. ive tried using clearasel, and washing my face, but the pestie buggers wont let go.what can i do to get rid of them?
A: Well, wash your face in the morning/evening with some sort of acne cleanser.. Like OXY, CLEAN n CLEAR or NEUTROGENA.. You may also want to use more than 1 step of the cleaning process. Like use an acne toner and acne moisturizer as well… However, I’ve found good results in using plain WITCH HAZEL from the rubbing alcohol and peroxide isle.. It’s a little less harsh and can be used daily to treat affected areas.. .It contains little to NO alcohol so it doesn’t burn or dry out the skin like some of the other toners.. Also, wash your hair every day/night if it’s oily/greasy.. Keep it off your face as much as possible…. Do NOT pick or touch your face… HANDS/FINGERS are dirty and will spread dirt/oil.. Do NOT squeeze pimples as it will cause them to get worse and go under the skin…. If you are athletic you may want to repeat the washing process AFTER playing sports…. Get some OXY/STRIDEX acne pads and keep them in you locker…. Good luck
how do u get rid of those tiny bumps on my face?
Q: i have bumps that look kind of like achne on my nose but they arent red or huge…they ae small bumps that cover my nose… is there any cream or cleanser?
A: You can get any kind of microdermabrasion.. from expensive to walmart.. works the same.. and use it. It exfoiliates and helps with those tiny little red bumps. I use Mary Kay.. but Oil of Olay has one thats really good to.
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