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How do i get rid of balck heads

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Wash your face with acne treatments or a mild soap at least twice a day. Some birth control can also help. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-i-get-rid-of-balck-heads ]
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How to get rid of balck heads
The cheapest way is not to touch the infected place (e.g. face) or it would get worse. Just leave it and let it go out itself. Or prick it gently, not so hard, after taking a bath. This is what my mother told me. It is up to you, it’s your …

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why do people get balck heads and how can I get rid of mine?
Q: facials kill my skin and cause it to peel and burn. What about microdemabrasuion?
A: Duct tape. Tear off a small piece (no more than 2 inches). Smooth it down over your blackheads, being careful not to stick down the edges. Hold onto your skin and pull, just like a wax strip. Repeat as necessary.
How do you get rid of black heads?
Q: I don’t have an exfoliator at the moment but any ideas how to make a very simple one at home or how to get balck heads out?thanks
A: Try cleaning your face daily with a Black Head Remover Treatment. I personally like Clean & Clear Blackhead Facial Wipes, but if you take a trip to the Pharmacy you will easily find many, many products. Remember to refrain from touching your face because the oils and dirt from your hands wont exactly help with removing those blackheads.Blackhead removal can actually damage the skin if done improperly. Squeezing the blackhead often causes the material that is clogging the pore further into the skin, where it can become a pimple. Over enthusiastic blackhead removal can also cause unsightly scarring. Maybe it really is better to leave them where they are.If you must remove your blackheads, always use a proper blackhead remover, as this can help limit any potential damage. Using steam to open the pores before squeezing can also help, but never force a blackhead that doesn’t want to be removed. This will simply damage the skin, while the frustrating blackhead remains exactly where he is.
How do i get rid of pink and balck-head zits?
Q: i have hadc annoying black-head and pink zits for months and they won’t go away what is a good product that i can buy and use right away without mixing or making anything?
A: Biore pore strips for blackheadsclean and clear blackhead erasergood luck:]
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