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How do you get the blue light therapy

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The blue light has been found to kill acne-causing bacteria.Exposure to this specific range of Blue Light can help re-establish the body’s natural rhythm. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-you-get-the-blue-light-therapy ]
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Blue Light Therapy for acne?
Q: I am considering blue light therapy for acne, but I have a few questions about it. How often do you need the treatment to keep acne away? once a month? Once a week? Also, how effective is it? I’ve heard you can get the same results from a tanning bed, but that scares me because I don’t want to damage my skin the same way a tanning bed would! Is it true that blue LED treatments are just the same as the UV rays in tanning salons? NOTE: If you are going to suggest any over the counter or prescription acne medicine PLEASE DO NOT bother!!!! If I wanted to know about Proactive, I would ASK a question about it!!! Save your time and only answer if you know about what I’m asking about! I want to know ONLY about Blue and red light acne therapy. You will NOT get points for an unrelated answer!
A: I’ll try to answer all of your questions :How often : it depends of your acne stage, and what kind of light therapy session you want to get : from your home, using a light therapy device, or at a skin care clinic or dermatologist.- From home, you can have from 4 treatments a week upto one treatment per day, these are short treatments, between 3 to 6 minutes per area.- At a skin care professional’s office, once a week or only once a month. This is because their equipment is more powerful, however the cost of sessions could be very expensive.How effective : You may see improvements from the first week of your home light therapy device use (consider 1 month of use), as well as from the first session at a professional office. However you will certainly need more treatment to keep acne away as long as possible. And just like the previous answerer said, 7 to 8 treatments are required for optimal results.LED vs UV : LED Light treatments and UV rays are totally different. You’re right that it could damage your skin, and UV could actually worsen your acne, that’s why you may have heard about being careful of sun exposure when having acne. The wavelenghts of the lights are differents, lower for UV. LED light therapy can also use infrared lights, which are invisible, because of a higher wavelenghts, these are safe.Studies have shown upto 90% success with light therapy treatments. Don’t use UV rays in tanning salons to treat your acne !Also, for acne red light therapy can also be considered as it heals and renews skin cells. This helps to reduce scaring for example. Some light therapy devices emit both blue and red light. Cost vary between $160 and $400.Hope this helps !
How to protect eyes from Blue Light? Tin Foil?
Q: I’ve been using a blue light for acne therapy and just found out it can be dangerous to the eyes. So I’ve been looking at ways to protect them. I tried the tanning goggle but I must have an odd shaped face b/c they just don’t fit. So I went out and got a pair of swimming goggles and am planning on covering them with some material.. So I’m wondering whats the best material I can line them with to stop blue light. I was thinking painting the lenses and using some tin foil? What do you guys think? Thanks
A: Maybe instead of painting them you could cover them with black electrical tape, then, when you are not treating acne, you could have a set of usable swim goggles, if needed, by pulling the tape off.
Can one transport a dermatologic lamp on an airplane?
Q: I apologize for the long explanation below, but I don’t think I can make this fully clear with a shorter one…I’ve been unfortunate enough to have acne for the last few years and few months ago I started using an acne treatment called “blue and red light therapy”. This means that I have to stand in front of a special led lamp which emits light on certain wavelengths for 15 minutes each day, and this light triggers a certain chemical process which destroys the bacteria that cause acne.The effects have been very good and my acne has cleared up quite well, however consistency is key and I have to use the lamp every day for maintaining a clear skin.I would like to be able to take the lamp with me when flying abroad for vacation (and generally when traveling by plane) but am afraid that I may be labeled as the next Osama and my led lamp considered as the next hellish device of doom by the nice fellows over at airport security.To get an idea how the device looks pls check the producer’s website at:http://www.britebox-led.co.uk/acne/britebox-dermaclear-gallery.phpand for a picture of the lamp in its carrying case pls go to:.http://www.britebox-led.co.uk/acne/britebox-dermaclear-accessories.phpWhen folded, the lamp’s dimensions are 275mm x 500mm x 120mm.Based on the pics, do you think I have any chance of being allowed to take this with me on a plane? Also, do you think I stand better chance of taking it with me in the cabin (carryon item) or would it be better to check it in in a separate bag (wrapped in bubble wrap for protection)? If I check it in as luggage, should I inform the check-in desk about the content so that I don’t create some national security incident where they close down the airport and bring remote controlled robots to “detonate” my poor lamp?Being able to carry this with me would make a big difference for my skin so any ideas you may have would help. Thx!
A: from your description I would say yes, it doesnt look like a weapon of any kind, but there’s one way you can find out for definite, contact the airline, tell them what it is, what it does and they’ll be able to tell you almost instantly if you can or not
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