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How do you over wash your face

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By washing it too much, this can bother your skin and sometimes make acne worse. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-you-over-wash-your-face ]
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What is the best over the counter face wash?
If you want something gentle, pure, hypoalergetic and just washes your skin and nothing else, I’d suggest trying “Purpose”! It doesn’t hurt when it gets into your eyes, its good for washing make-up, and I use it before I apply ton…
Is it possible to over wash your face?
It depends on what kind of face wash you’re using. If it’s an anti-acne one, over-washing will definitely dry out your skin and make it more prone to sunburns. Soap will also dry out your face. I would definitely stick with washing your fac…
Can you over wash your face
I don’t believe so – I have found no evidence of anyone over washing his/her face. Cha Cha back!

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How to get rid of tiny pimples all over your face?
Q: I have these tiny tiny pimples on my face thats the same color as my skin, its REALLY pissing me off! Do you know a way to make this disappear at home without medicines, and a doctor or something! ( I ALWAYS WASH MY FACE ) Are there like homemade treatments like facemasks or anything? HELP!
A: Try rubbing papaya on your face after you wash it. The fruit acids will soften your skin and help unblock the pores.
how do you wash your face in the shower?
Q: ok im about to go in the shower and i think i should wash my face with soap but my nose and chin have all the acne on it should i was them and how do you wash your face should i use a little soap and put it all over my face then after im almost done with my shower wash it all ofi dont have dove soapdial for men
A: Soap will not hurt acne, as a matter of fact it is good for the skin. It gets all the oils out of the pores that causes acne and blackheads. Just wash and rinse it with water like you would any other part of your body. I always put alcohol on my face after washing it (using a cotton ball with alcohol on it.) It helps to reach deep down oils the soap misses. I never had acne as a teenager, and I don’t have it now. You should wash your face with soap and water several times a day to help prevent acne. I wouldn’t use dove, it has cold cream in it. I would use ivory, it 99.9% pure, dial has deodorant in it.
How to wash your face without wetting what you are wearing?
Q: For some reason…whenever I wash my face by splashing warm water from a basin on to my face, usually I get the front part of my t-shirt soaked. So I have started using a flannel to wet my face but I would prefer splashing since the flannel may be irritating. Basically what I do is lower my head over the water, get my two hands and kind of cup them and pull that water up over my face. I notice some people merely splash a little bit of water and then cleanse, which seems stupid because the pores wouldn’t have been able to open properly.So what’s an effective way to wet and face (and rinse; usually when I rinse I get more wet)? Any videos of it?
A: maybe try draping a towel over your chest so the water gets on the towel, not the front of your shirthttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zShv2d4Rrrgheres a video:)seeing as how you’re a guy, you could probly leave out a few of the steps;)lolgood luck!
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