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How is zinc good for you

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Zinc is needed by the body to make insulin, eliminate harmful toxins, and to maintain a healthy immune system. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-is-zinc-good-for-you ]
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How is zinc good for you
Zinc is needed by the body to make insulin, eliminate harmful toxins, and to maintain a healthy immune system. ChaCha!
What is zinc good for?
The trace mineral zinc is good for your body’s immune system. It is also needed for cell growth and the healing of wounds. Zinc even plays a part in your senses of taste and smell. You can find more information here: http://www.nlm.nih.gov/…
Why is Zinc good for you?
Zinc is among the most important minerals in the body, right up there with calcium and magnesium, since it plays an important role in many cellular functions. It is also important for hair and skin health, eyesight, cognitive functions, and…

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What is zinc good for?
Q: how long does it take for it to get into your system an you can notice a difference??
A: Have you tried a Yahoo search for zinc + “health benefits”?
what is zinc good for?
Q: how do you know if you are low on this??oooh yes chrisim married!!im getting the hubby some zinc!!lol!
A: It boosts the immune system, very good for winter colds.Also, in men it is a great aphrodisiac (hope you’re old enough).Spring babe: Make sure he takes it regularly for about a week.It normally takes three days before you see results, but whenit starts ……. Happy days are here again!!!
i just read that taking zinc is a good way to attack the common cold. is there zinc i can give my 2 year old?
Q: i read that for some people taking zinc has stopped their colds right away. and for others it has shortened the duration of their colds. now if this stuff can help my son who’s 2, then i want to know where to find it and how to give it to him. i’m open to any remedies you may have.
A: Zinc works as a trigger for over 200 different enzymes that are present in virtually every cell of the body and contribute to such critical functions as synthesizing proteins and genetic material, energy production, metabolism, immunity, and antioxidant activity. It does help support a heathy immune system. The serving size of the Zinc Complex that I use is 1 tablet. 1 tablet daily is safe for a four year old but you might want to cut it down a bit for a two year old. You might also want to consider all natural Optiflora that is a great support to your immune system. It’s a two-product system that includes Probiotic (Bifidus & Acidophilus…microflora) + Prebiotic (FOS…food source for microflora). It guarantees the delivery of 500 million microflora to the intestines. The capsule is BB size so it’s easy for a little guy to get down. I just mixed it with my grandson’s food when he was 2 and 3 years old. The powder can be mixed with any liquid and has a very pleasant mild taste. It absolutely safe for all ages from infants to seniors.Hope this is useful and feel free to contact me with questions.Per your request, both can be found at http://www.shaklee.net/mary_norwood
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