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How many electrons does zinc have

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The atomic number of zinc is 30. Therefore a zinc atom has 30 protons in its nucleus. For a neutral atom, it has 30 electrons. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-many-electrons-does-zinc-have ]
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For every chemical element, there are the same number of protons as there are electrons. In the chemical element zinc, there are 30 electrons.
There are 30 electrons, 25 neutrons, 30 protons,the atomic number is 30 and the atomic mass is about 65.
The atomic number of zinc is 30. Therefore a zinc atom has 30 protons in its nucleus. For a neutral atom, it has 30 electrons.

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How many electrons does zinc (zn) have?
A: yes, thirty. it is also the atomic number, it is the same
How many valence electrons does the element Zinc have?
Q: I thought it was 4, but I looked around everywhere and it says 2.The way our teacher told me how to draw the diagram of it was, 2 on the first ring, and 8 on the rest until you get to your final number of electrons(if this matters…? but I looked up diagrams online and they are all different from the way my teacher showed me), how many valence electrons does Zinc really have?And how did you get it?wait but the way my teacher taught it it would have 4, it goes for me anyway,2,8,8,8,4.So valence electrons would be 4 or do I say 2? Because it is an oral report
A: Zinc has 2. The outermost shell contains 2 electrons. However, the third shell on zinc has 18 electrons, not 8.Zinc is a transition metal, and they do not follow those rules of placing 8 on every shell. Zinc has 2, 8, 18, 2, so it has 2 valence electrons.
Zinc phosphate, Zn3P2.Phosphorus has 5 valence electrons.How many valence electrons does each zinc atom lose?
Q: it was originally phosphide but spellcheck was getting annoyed with the spelling. . . .
A: First of all, that’s zinc phosphide. Phosphate is the polyatomic anion PO4 (3-).Secondly, you want the phosphorus to obtain a noble gas configuration (octet rule). If it starts out with 5 electrons, it needs to gain 3. However, the number of zinc and phosphorus atoms are not equivalent.What we do know is that electrons can’t vanish, so all the electrons lost by the 3 zinc atoms must be gained by the two phosphorus atoms.Each of the two phosphorus atoms need 3 more electrons, so 6 total. 6 total are therefore lost from the three Zn put together, which means 2 from each.
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