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How to get rid of a cold faster

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A strong immune system is the best defense against colds so get plenty of rest. Echinacea and goldenseal can help to boost immunity and keep viruses from multiplying. Also chicken noodle soup,hot liquids, and zinc lozenges. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-to-get-rid-of-a-cold-faster ]
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To try to hurry to get over a cold be sure you’ve had plenty of sleep. Drink a lot of liquids especially Orange juice. Take Vitamins & a good hot shower or bath will help.
・ 1 Take echinacea and other supplements. At the first sign of a cold, make a beeline to the nearest health… ・ 2 Get over-the-counter medication. Some people delay taking medication. If you don’t take supplements… ・ 3 Drink orange juice…
What you do is drink a lot of HOT tea, eat cough drops, and take medicine at least 2 times a day

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How can I get rid of this cold faster?
Q: I’ve just recently fallen sick with a cold. It just started really coming on last night and my first question is, is it too late for me to try and prevent it from coming on anymore? If so, what are some ways that I can get rid of it faster? I’ve always waited them out but that takes weeks and I can’t afford to get sick right now, I’m just so busy with school and work. So any of you with some tricks or advice I would really appreciate to hear from you!!
A: You could try taking Airborne (sold in the cold aisle), Zinc lozenges, Echinechea (sold in vitamin aisle), & Zicam products. These are all considered supplements, not controlled by the FDA but are worth a try. They certainly won’t hurt you.
How Do i get rid of a cold…FAST?
Q: yeah, so theres a school dance tomarrow and i just got a cold this morning. any way to rid fast?
A: 1. Start with a big box of Puffs (they are soft so you won’t get a red nose.) 2. Next drink as much water, tea with lemon and honey and clear liquid as you can (non-alcoholic is better unless you can’t sleep.) 3. Take 1000 mg of Vitamin C and some Zinc for the next three days, starting today.4. Brush teeth and gargle with either Listerine or WARM SALT WATER….(I know it sounds awful…but it really helps!)5. Stay warm and get as much sleep as you can.6. Don’t plan on kissing anyone if you finally feel good enough to go to the dance. (Not a good way to make a good long lasting impression…passing a cold.)I hope you feel better.
How do you get rid of a cold faster?
Q: I have a really sore throat and have a cold. I have orange juice, benedryl, cough drops,allergy tablets, vix, suphedrine, and cold-eeze cough drops. What would be the best to use and is there anything else I could get that works really good? What helps you feel better when you have a cold? There is only a month left of school and I can’t miss anymore days because exams are coming up and I dont want to miss anything.
A: The best way I’ve found when your a broke student and the best for your body…over-medicating yourself can make your body weaker1. Warm/hot water in the morning with lemon juice (honey too if you can’t stand the taste)2. Lots of fluids and leafy greens3. Vitamins4. Live cultures and proteins like in yogurt help build your white blood cells, they’re pro-biotics help your body stay strong when you’re taking medication or anti-biotics5. Call it an early night! Our bodies usually “throw in the towel” when you deprive it of sleep, it’s too exhausted to function and your immune system crashes….Rest, rest, rest!6. Wash yo’ hands! Especially after you sneeze…don’t wipe them on your pants
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