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I feel a cold coming on. what should i do

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Zicam is a zinc nasal spray that cuts your cold to a day and a half and reduces symptoms. It’s available over the counter. More? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/i-feel-a-cold-coming-on.-what-should-i-do ]
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What should i do to not get sick I feel a cold coming on?
Try Airborne, it will load you up with vitamins and stregthen your immune system. Thanks for using ChaCha!
Should i take the swine flu vaccine when i feel like i’m coming d…?
The only reasons why you should not get it are: *febrile illness (fever). Get the vaccine when you are feeling better. *allergic reaction to a previous dose. If you’re not feverish you should consider getting it. No, the vaccine will not hu…
Feeling sick and want a massage to help get rid of my cold. Shoul…?
No. Receiving a massage while under the weather is very damaging. Be sure that you are 100% back to normal before booking an appointment.

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I feel a cold coming on what should I do to prevent it?
A: Ok.If you don’t have any, buy yourself a bottle of Purell and place it in your pocket or purse. Use it often when you are out of your house. If you touch a commonly touched area such as a door, public restrooms, and so on.If you are not taking a multi vitamin everyday you should start now.Eat healthy. Fruits, veggies, every day. Remember the food pyramid? Eat healthy.Keep yourself clean. Take a shower or bath daily and wash you hair daily. Cleansing the body is good for your health. (You probably already do this, but many people do not). Try to get enough sleep. At least 7 to 8 hours of good sleep a night. With out proper sleep you are more prone to get sick.Cover your nose and mouth if you are around someone is coughing, or turn away. Always remind others to cover their mouths when they cough and sneeze cover their nose.Tell people to cough and sneeze into their elbow, to prevent their germs from spreading.Remember the importance of good hand washing. You do not have to use hot water as it dries out the skin. Soap up your hands good and rub each finger, under your nails and do this for 20 seconds then rinse. You can remind other people to do this too. After going to the bathroom, shaking hands with others, touching anything in a public restroom, and touching anything someone how is ill has touched.You might want to get the flu shot and the H1N1 if you are able to do this. They do take awhile to work however.You need to stock up on some supplies just in case you or a family member becomes ill. Here are some things you may want to have handy:Tissues (soft ones your nose will thank you).Orange Juice or Apple or Cranberry JuiceTylenol (you may have that at home already for aches, pain and fever)Halls cough drops (The menthol help you breathe better) (It doesn’t have to be Halls, just one that has menthol in it)Chicken SoupSaltine CrackersTea and Lemon (for hot Tea with Lemon to help sooth the throat)Honey (if you like it in your Tea to soothe your throat)Thermometer (if you don’t have one)Anything else you like that comforts you when you are sick.If you get sick, which I hope does not happen. But, if you do, after you start to feel better throw your toothbrush away and use a brand new one. That is unless you have one of those new ultraviolet light for toothbrushes that kills harmful germs. Good luck to you!
What should I do when I feel a cold coming on??
Q: I have a slight sore throat, a cough, and a mild stuffy nose. I also have a temperature of 99.2 degrees. Is there anything I can do to help the symptoms from getting worse?
A: drink alot of orange juice. and sleep.the old time remedies for a cold will actually work. vitamin C will boost your immune system and sleep will help it do its job.also, dont take something fo that fever. it isn’t a high fever. your body needs a low grade fever to help kill the infection. Bacteria lives at just a right temperature and your body responds by upping your just a little bit to fry those bacteria. so let your boyd run the low fever, if however it becomes a high fever, anything over 101, take somehting for it.
What should you do when you feel a cold coming on?
Q: My sister is very sick with the flu…. she came for turkey day.. and now my throat feels a lil scratchy…. juss had a cold 2 weeks ago…. how can i stop this one from attacking my body???
A: Immediately stop eating starch and anything with milk products. Drink water and lemon. Gargle and cleanse your nose out with lemon and water. Keep your mouth, the corners of your eyes, your ears and your hands CLEAN with lemon and water. The lemon will help to kill the germs.If you don’t have any, try vinegar. If no vinegar, try salt water.Then take lots of vitamin C. If you don’t start now, you’re in trouble. Do a fast– eat broth, juices and water for three days– freeze the Thanskgiving dinner for next week. If you eat lots of food, the germs will LOVE your body. They cling to food and grow families and build neighborhoods and towns in your body (with shopping centers and everything). Take a laxative so they don’t cling to what you’ve eaten already. If you don’t have one, drink five glasses of water, one after another. If that doesn’t work, drink two more glasses of water.Serious– Colds and the flu can be avoided if you act fast– the second before you feel the germs attacking.
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