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I have like pimples on my arm what could it be

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Acne. See a dermatologist! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/i-have-like-pimples-on-my-arm-what-could-it-be ]
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My Son Has Rash Under Arm, Starts Out Like Pimples Then Cuts Over…?
This can be result of unhygienic conditions which encourages parasites like scabies to grow. Your son has got scabies which is contagious. Visit a doctor for the prescription of medicines.
Why are there bumps (Kinda like pimples) on your arms??
If they are goosebumps the purpose is to control how much your hairs stand up. They are left over from when people had a lot of hair. If you are talking about something else your description isn’t enough for me to know.
Why do I have little pimples in arms, like kind of a rash??
If you are referring to little bumps on your upper arms that don’t itch but feel rough, you may have something called icthyosis. Have your doc look at it and if it is, there is a lotion available called Lac-Hydrin that solves the problem.

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Strange Bumps on my arm?
Q: I have pimple like bumps on my upper arm.. what could they be?What could I use to get rid of them?My Mom and older sister have similar bumps on their arms… could it be genetic?
A: It is genetic. Its called Keratosis pilaris (KP for short).I have it and HATE it. But summertime usually helps it look better, the sun I guess. I just try to wash and moisturize it often.
What is causing this hard, painful, bump on my arm?
Q: Okay, so I have this really hard and painful bump near my elbow.And in the beginning it was kinda small and it itches and there was a small dot that looked like a pimple so i popped it and only a little bit of white stuff came out. Then it started to grow bigger, hard but it doesn’t itch anymore. And every time I touch it, it hurts really bad. Even when I don’t have any movement at all it just starts hurting out of no where. And the bump its kinda hotter than the rest of me arm. What could this be?
A: I would guess you have a cyst or boil (almost the same) it has to be lanced by the doctor when he thinks it’s ripe. He’ll then pack it so it heals right, it may be open for a time to drain. Don’t mess with this, you’ll only make it worse.
a weird spot on my arm? what could it be?
Q: yesterday i noticed a weird looking spot on my arm, it doesnt hurt or anything but yesterday after i got it i started feeling sick. the spot is on the underside of my arm, on my wrist. it has a little pimple type thing (really small) and all around it is a rash its not huge (the whole rash is about the size of a dime. it looks like little dark red dots and my skin under it and around it is red.) any ideas on what this could be?also. im not sexually active (im only 15). i dont think its an allergic reaction, because i havent used anything new and i have not ate anything new
A: It’s a staph infection. You need to go to an emergency room or “doc in a box” tonight.
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