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Is brass ok to smoke out of

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I’ve read two conflicting answers. Some say that brass is OK to smoke from. Others say no, because brass is a mixture of zinc and and copper and copper isn’t good. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-brass-ok-to-smoke-out-of ]
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Is brass ok to smoke out of
I’ve read two conflicting answers. Some say that brass is OK to smoke from. Others say no, because brass is a mixture of zinc and and copper and copper isn’t good.

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Really creeped out, help?
Q: Ok, so there’s this guy (about 30-37 yo) that lives right next door to me, he lives in a duplex on the top floor. His bedroom window is right across from mine. (I have a house, but my bedroom is upstairs) You can literally see straight through his window into mine unless there’s curtains up. Which he doesn’t seem to have, so I have mine up. I had a couple friends over 2 days ago and my curtains were down, I looked over and found him staring straight into my window at me & my friends. I didn’t think anything of it, I just moved away from my window. Then, about 5 minutes later, he was taking pictures of us through my window!!! && about 2 days earlier my mom was smoking on our porch @ 5:00am & saw a flash, didn’t think anything of it, then saw another one. She looked around for it and saw it again, she looked at his duplex and saw him in the window, taking pictures of her!! The same day, he had his bedroom window open and had some framed pics in the window seal, my sister was outside & he saw her so he knocked the pics out of his window so they landed in our side yard. (in over 3 feet of snow) He came over and asked my sister if he could get the pics cuz somehow they “fell” out his window, from out side yard, she let him then he started talking to her & asked how old she is & wouldn’t leave her alone. (she’s 15, so am I)I’m friends with the people that live below him so I go over there alot. Everytime I’m over there he goes onto his steps & looks into there kitchen window!! or looks for an excuse to be on there porch. idk. The people that live below him always complain about him being loud, which he is, & the land lord wont do anything about it. Oh..and, on New Years eve I was Downtown with a few people and we saw him there & he followed us for about 4 blocks!!!Everytime he sees my dad, he basically runs up his stairs and into his house. I’m really creeped out to the point were I just bought brass knuckles and a switchblade…the cops in Spokane,Wa are gay and wont do anything! Help??
A: try to avoid talking to him maybe he will manipulate your sister or who ever is getting close with him to pose nude or have sex with him and sell the nude pictures to black market or to black mail close all the windows when you change your clothes and tell your sister and all the female in your family to be aware of that.
Read this scene, please–does it need work?
Q: Ok, this is a piece my cowriter and I have put together. It has not been edited yet, and it is clearly an adult novel set through a young adult’s eye (19 years old). The scene may sound funny–yeah, it’s worth a laugh–but I am quite serious. Please comment with maturity! Thanks in advance.Eagle Nest, New Mexico Come a breezy sunset after a long day’s work in the office cubicles, suits materialize wandering downtown in search for cold drinks and overhead fans. After operating heavy machinery, workers swarmed the few saloons in Eagle Nest and around; like worker bees putting their feet up after the bee hive hectic was over. The bars were chock-full every night. That emptied out the streets somewhat, and marauders were free to stir on the cracked pavements. Two gangly young men crossed the street in a hurry, heads down and following the streetlights into another quiet neighborhood, avoiding the shadows like sinners confession booths. The one who knew his hometown, the tall college boy wearing shorts and a sweater, crumpled the directions note into a ball the moment he saw the house. His boyfriend followed mutely, shyly. “This is the place, right? Check the mailbox.” said College Boy, gazing at the black and blue flickering of a TV through the window with one hand shielding his eyes from the blinding street lights above. The boyfriend read the golden print on the brass mailbox, his index finger following the letters; in case he missed any. “Berkiss.” As instructed, the two ignored the main entrance and proceeded through the thick shrubs and into the yard. Following the thin strip of concrete against the house’s yellow façade, they went behind it. A dusty garage doors appeared like a mirage. The burglar lights instantly came to life, illuminating their ankles like stage lights. College Boy, namely Dewey, pulled his partner by the hand and onto the dirty rag where they were inclined to wipe their feet. Dewey rang the bell, and waited. Something shuffled inside. Clyde Berkiss appeared before them, thick smoke surrounding the forgettable features of his teenage face. He slid the door aside, one arm resting on the frame and tapped the dip under his nose pensively, remembering their names. “Dewey, Dominic.” He said, his voice lackluster and hoarse as if he had been recovering from a fever. They shook hands, and Clyde let them through. The two men took a fleeting look at the interior, mildly disappointed with the monotonous atmosphere. They were standing on a licked out dark carpet, surrounded by book shelves, a writing desk and single bed. The walls were naked except for a The Who poster with torn edges, more book shelves lacking real literature and self-made stickers on the door now that Clyde closed them. Not knowing where to stand or how to spark the conversation, the two men stood by and observed Clyde’s frame. He wasn’t taller than the newcomers, but skinner and more drenched-looking. He truly owned one of the plainest faces they had ever seen, though tonight he had dark circles under his eyes. Clyde was a gaunt teenager, always dressed in second-hand wardrobe with dark windswept hair, sucking on an unlit cigarette between classes. He took a seat behind the writing desk facing the wall, turned to the two and smiled amiably. He seemed to have already begun with the twelve pack of beer, finishing off his first and helping himself to a second one. A pack of Marlboro Reds lay next to a massive computer on standby, the smoke from his lit cigarette trickling towards the ceiling. Marijuana debris and a bag of tobacco lay before his reach. “No trouble finding the place?” “No, your instructions were pretty clear.” Dewey replied. “You can sit on the bed.” As the two sunk onto the plastered mattress, Clyde ran his hands down the front of his washed-out jeans, drying the dampness from holding cooled beer cans, and ambled into the built-in closet. He took out a tripod with three black iron legs and mounted it expertly between the bed and his seat behind the desk. Dewey slipped the sweater over his head and doubled it over on his lap. “How much is this gonna cost? A friend of mine said it ain’t gonna hurt my wallet.” “Fifty bucks upfront, twenty tomorrow for a thirty minute video. You get complementary condoms, an AIDS brochure and beer.” Clyde said; a well rehearsed sentence. “How about a couple of joints?”“Mary Jane ain’t a cheap lady.’”“How much?” Dominic said abruptly, reaching into his back pocket. They eased into ecstasy. Clyde scratched the eczema on his elbow, while the two lovers threw their heads back and onto the springy mattress, smiling softly. Clyde waved a hand before his face, clearing the air. “I don’t do POVs. I can zoom in, zoom out, and walk around a bit to give you that nice panoramic view, do something with the lights.” He began. “I play any genre of background music you like. Just don’t ask me to crank tKatie–you read awful fast.It was tinkered around as a screenplay at first, so I can totally see the choppiness in there. Thank you! I’ll go ahead and simplify it…any Good parts!?
A: It is very choppy. I had tor re read the opening paragraph several times to fully understand. The wording feels a mixture between slang, txt and really not clear and no possibility of making it visual. ex:The opening of the sunset scene and office cubicles in the same sentencePull me in with a description of the sunset and a description of the outside environment. Tell me about the office, the workers, the cubicles. Then make me visualize the bar and surrounding bars, the patrons.If it is not important enough to describe and interest me, then why mention it? Make the words count Then think about those suggestions and see if you can apply it to the rest.I had to read this several times to even sorta understand the purpose.
What do you think about this story?
Q: “No!!!” I could hear my mother’s blood curdling scream, high-pitched and terrified beyond belief. It was agonizing to listen to her. Hearing her in such pain and suffering.I was crouched down hiding among a thick patch of rose bushes in the pitch black of the mid-night. It was cold and I clenched my fists together in anger and fright.I could taste my salty tears rolling down my rosy red cheeks to the corners of my mouth. My angel blue eyes shown in what very little moonlight there was.I folded my arms and lyed my head down. It was all like a horrible video tape just playing over and over in my head, the flashbacks wouldnt stop.”Honey, clean up please, ok?” My mom asked me standing up from the table. “Yes, mam.” I answed as I clear off the table and head over to the sink. I could hear my mothers small feet shuffleing over to her bedroom, when the front door bangs open letting in the cold rainy air. My daddy was standing there, he smelled of achohol and smoke. I could tell he was drunk and I knew he was coming home from Charlie’s Bar. He had a devious look in his eyes that frightened me slightly. He looked at me and then over to mother. “What are you doing?” He asks, almost yells at mom. “I was j-j-just—-” She stutters before he cuts her off. “and just what the bloody hell is she still doing up?” He gestures over to me. He staggers over to mom, cursing below his breath at practicaly nothing at all. He looks her dead in the eye. She backs away slowly almost it seemed as if she were whimpering like a dog with its tail between its legs. He chuckles, his dark black brows raising. He slapps her once, twice, and then a third. The plates crash as they fall from my grip.She begans to cry and tells me to go to my bedroom. My feet are nailed to the floor. I cant move, the scene of such violence from my father strucks my mind so powerfully.He soon begins to stagger over toward me. I jump out of his way over to my mother. He continues to walk until he reaches the silverwear drawer and pulls out a sharpened silver blade. I began to cry as my mother yells at me to run, to run away to not question me to just obey.I cant move though, I just stand there like a complete statue. Mother runs up to Father and trys to fight him off. He slices the knife into her upper thigh and she falls to the floor. The pain from the blade puts her in such shock that her brain cannot focus she just lies there unable to do anything, paralyzed.I run to the front door as my father grabs my forearm. I turn and bite down into his thick arm. I can taste his warm, bitter blood as it trickles down from my chin from my mouth. Yelling he throws me at the door unclenching my jaws feirce grip. My head slams against the hard brass golden doorknob. Grabbing my head I can feel where my head had collided with the doorknob. I felt the blood trickle down the back of my head.He pulls me by my hair. Throwing me again at the wall. I roll over and stand to face him. He pushes me again and I fall, this time rolling over to grab his right ankel. With my tight grips around his ankle I bite into his shin closing down on my jaws grip. He falls to the ground with his voice bellowing out a horrid sound. I look up to see my mother beating with all her might at my father with a skillet. I seize my opportunity fast! I stand and without thinking I sprint fast to the front door. Taking my last look at my mother, I run. Pumping my legs as hard as I could.
A: Aside from a little editing and needing a spell checker, not bad. A little graphic, you might want to backtrack and change little things because certain lines don’t make sense, perhaps you jumped too soon without connecting A to B?But other than that, I like it. Exactly where are you trying to go?
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