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Is it bad to have acne on your butt

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No, it’s not bad to have acne on your butt. It’s normal. Try buying a body wash made for body acne. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-it-bad-to-have-acne-on-your-butt ]
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Is peanut butter bad for acne?
it’s not bad for your face! thats such a myth.
Is Shea Butter bad for acne prone oily skin?
Yes it is bad for oily skin,why would you want to put something greasy on oily skin.If you had dry skin,it would’ve been ok but since you have oily skin it’s a big nono.You would want to use clinique clarifying lotion made for oily skin ,it…
Will Butter Get Rid of Acne Or Make it Worst?
(You mean “Worse”.) Whoever told you that should be shot. Butter will clog your pores, making it worse. Washing your face with a good soap often will help.

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I have really bad body acne what are the best ways to cure it without drugs or pills thanks for your help 😕
Q: My body acne is on my shoulders, chest, back, butt all sides of my theigs and some part of my knees and its really emberresing.. I need help really bad.. and only helpfull answers thank you soo much for the help
A: ask you doc/derma about Clindamycin Phosphate Topical Solution, works like magic
Help i need your beauty tips to help me out?
Q: Hi,I need some got some issues that i need your beatuy tips to help me out! First i have some dark circles around my eyes I want to know how can i reduce them or cover them up with what kind of makeup? and what can i do to reduce them? I have hazel green eyes, I want to make them “POP”! How do u appy eye makeup to make smoky eyes? and what do you use? I need tanning tips! I have really fair skin i tired so hard last summer to get a natural tan from the sun and it didn’t work all i did was got a bad sun burn. Now i want to try to go to a salon and go and get a tan from a tanning bed. How long should i stay in there and how many times should i do it to get a natural tan? I need help with my acne i have minor acnce on my face whats the best cream to use that really works and if it worked for you and what to use if that drys out my face? I now use oxy pads which only cleans my face not help my acnce. I have minor streatch marks on my butt what can i use to get rid of them?Thanks so much
A: Go to youravon.com/jbaltazar & go to the BEAUTY TIPS.
for fun gender prediction?
Q: hi! im 19 and pregnant with my first! i am 14 weeks based on my lmp. so i still have two weeks until i’ll know for sure but was wondering of you wanted to help me guess based on cravings myths and your own experiences. -i really dont have many cravings but when i do i want oreos cotton candy turkey sandwiches and pickles mcdonalds french fries- not all at the same time.. i cant stand eating meat it grosses me out.. but i do for the baby. i crave more fruit than veggies and cant stand the thought of my favorite chips..cheese doritos-i did the ring test with a friend and it went in circles then my boyfriend brothers and mom did it and it went side to side-drano test 2 times and it said boy.-i dont fit into my jeans anymore and havent for about 2 weeks-bad acne on my forehead (tiny bumps with out a pus) and for the first month i had it bad on my butt (that went away though)-I was only sick for about a month but it was really bad 24/7- felt like the fluwhat do you think?! :)i am for sure pregnant.. boy or girl is what im asking
A: I say girl…
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