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Is lime good for your face to help it look better

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Lime juice can be used as a natural acne medication.Take some lime juice and some dried pomegranate skin. Mix them well and make a paste. Now apply to pimples after washing skin w/ water. After about 30 minutes, wash your skin again. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-lime-good-for-your-face-to-help-it-look-better ]
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Is lime good for your face to help it look better
Lime juice can be used as a natural acne medication.Take some lime juice and some dried pomegranate skin. Mix them well and make a paste. Now apply to pimples after washing skin w/ water. After about 30 minutes, wash your skin again. ChaCha…

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I am bored with my hair!?
Q: Hello!My hair color would be as some say, “dirty dish-water blond”, I have NATURAL blond highlights in my hair, that I have had since birth…Without actually putting highlights in my hair. My hair is naturally wavy and sometimes curly at the tips when it is moist in the air. My hair when I stand up and push all my hair from the front all the way to my back, goes down to about the middle of my back or a little past my arm-pits. Right now I don’t have any certain styles or anything going for it, sort of just there…Sometimes, I straighten my hair, which actually looks pretty when I do it! But I get bored with that also.I have a sort-of in the middle of a small lime and an small coconut face and jaw-line. My nose is about middle sized and I have normal sized, average ears. I say this stuff because certain face-lines and certain sized ears and noses go with certain hair-styles and hair-colors. Normally if you have a hair-cut that shows off your ears; You normally wouldn’t go flaunting around big jumbo ears, or a hair-cut that flows in front of your face, making your face even more noticeable, a big nose…Could throw it off.So, to cut through all the hoopla…I just want to say, from a average stand point…What would look good, be fun, cool, stylish, unique and sort-of different then plain-Jane hair-styles, that I can go with, that goes with…”Dirty dish-water blond” hair.Hair that goes down to the middle of my back or pass my arm-pits.That is wavy and sometimes curly at the tips in moist air.Has a average middle sized nose.Has a average ear size.Has very light-blue eyes.Very pale skin.Thick hair.And…A small lime to a small coconut face and jaw-line!Thank you in advantage and hopefully, someone can help me have some fun with my hair.O and please don’t say bleaching, because their is no way, I’m killing my hair!Dying though…If it seems right in certain cases, I might do!!!Once again, thanks in advantage and hopefully someone can help me have some fun with my hair! D:
A: try temporary hair color… no ammonia or peroxide so it doesn’t kill your hair and you can have fun with different shades til you find the one you want and then you can put in the permanent version of it or just keep doing the temporary. If you DO want to go lighter, get some chamomile tea in your hair, or lemon juice and sit out in the sun. You can also use sun in if you want a faster deal but the other two will lighten your hair too. There is also chamomile shampoo…try looking in the ‘ethnic’ or hispanic section of a store.Being blond is actually quite beneficial to you! You can do whatever you want with your hair!! Also it being curly you can go half straight (as in wavy), straight, or keep it curly. It’s quite versatile. :)Very pale skin could take a red… either copper penny or light auburn…it could also take a light brown. Don’t do black or dark brown unless you want shock value… It will make you look goth.you could bob the hair in those wedge or a line styles if you want to change the length. If not, maybe some layers to make it more interesting than one length hair?
ok. so heres teh 2nd chapter for Its Complicated. plz read!!?
Q: hope you like!!Chapter 2: MAKEOVER!!“OK! We gotta get the perfect dress! But make sure your boobs look good…that’s what guys look for in a girl! First anyway…” Lindsay said, and her and Frankly shared a giggle. I mighta forgotten to mention…I am the fashionista in the group, too! “OoooOoooh! I like this one!” Frankly showed us a gorgeous, strapless, sparkly lime-green, knee-high dress. “It would totally make you look gorge!! And Lance would very well like you. You’ll get everyone’s attention!I winced as I saw the dress. “Girl…we got ONE day! I’m gonna have to work out all today for that to look good on me!” I had my sad look again. “NO! You’re gonna try it on NOW! Get your little toosh in there Elizabeth Marie Larsh!!” Lindsay always used my full name when she was getting frustrated…“Yes your highness! But don’t expect me to look good!” I went into the dressing room with the dress. I quickly changed, and was expecting for me to look terrible. But if I do say so myself…I looked pretty cute. When I walked out, Lindsay and Frankly gasped, and both smiled. Lindsay spoke first. “Wow…you will be the cutest one there! OMG…look who just walked in!” She pointed to the door, and I was kinda upset. What is Lance doing here? I mean…oh. There’s the reason. Sarah! Lance smiled and walked over to us. “Hey lovely ladies! You are looking nice today. Do you know what dress Sarah would look good in? Oh look! Here’s a nice one!” He pulled out one from the small rack. Frankly looked at it, and said with a straight face. “You’ve got it wrong. The large is over there!” and she pointed to the large. Of course, Lindsay and I burst out laughing. I wanted to say something…so I guess I did! “Dude…I’m sorry, but they just invented something. It’s called Jenny Craig. They’re all there for you. So don’t worry! No one will have to know! Just call the hotline!”I guess it was Lindsay’s and Frankly’s time to laugh at something I said! “Listen here! I’m slim, and gorgeous!” She tried defending herself.“Yeah…very! I’m sure the elephants next door would say you’re slim and gorgeous just like THEM!” I was getting fierce…I hate it how she looks down on me all the time. “You just got served!! TWICE!!” Frankly…she always makes everything better!Lance covered up a giggle with a cough. “Ladies, ladies, retract the claws!!” “Hey Lance…I was wondering…can I take you up on that offer? I kinda always wanted to go with you to the dance. So what do you say? Go with me?” Lindsay batted her gorgeous eyelashes. She is SUCH a flirt! He laughed, and smiled. “Um…Sarah, go try this dress on!” She went into the dressing rooms. “Well…OK! But you can tell Sarah. And Lizz…”I cut him off. “I’m sorry…I have BETTER things to worry about. So don’t even talk to me.” I walked to the other dresses.He cleared his throat. “Um…I think you look great in that dress. Don’t look for any others.” I blushed and kinda smiled…“Thanks, but I want a different one.” I love being sassy. (If you haven’t noticed.)Frankly walked over to me. “You got it going good! Guys love hard to get.” She smiled, and I couldn’t help but smile either! I could hear Sarah struggling to get her dress on. “Hey Lizz, what’s the Jenny Craig hotline?” We all laughed now…but I guess Sarah was serious?I found a pink dress, but it wasn’t as cute as the green one. I’ll have to keep the green…Lance came over, too. “Hey Frankly, can you give us a minute?”“Um…sure?” She smiled and walked away. I sighed. “Listen, I don’t care what you have to say. So, before I go all psycho on you, too…LEAVE!”“Actually…the whole psycho thing was cute. And I wanted to apologize. I’m sorry! I…well…I didn’t really want to go with you. I mean, you’re not that popular.” He winced when he said popular.“I don’t care about your excuse. Just leave me alone.” And I walked away. I can’t believe I feel bad about doing this! But he hurt me…he deserves it. “Come on guys, let’s leave. I don’t wanna ruin my happy mood. Let’s go to Downtown Prom store. They have gorgeous shoes and jewelry.” (Under my breath) “And I won’t have to be with Lance another minute.” I guess he heard me…><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><“Hey…um…I kinda feel bad for what I said to Lance! He seemed so genuine…and looked so sad!” We were on our way back from the store. I got awesome silver, strappy heels. And diamond necklace and earrings.“They always do! They just want the girl. Not for anything but her looks. And hun…you was BANGIN in that dress!!” Linds always tries to make me feel better…not really working this time. “Well I hope you’re….” I said, but stopped. I got a text message.“What?” They said simultaneously. Lance- Hey. I’m sorry! Why won’t you forgive me??Lizz- Maybe because what you said was hurtful.Lance- but I apologized like a bajillion times!!Lizz- and you can apologize a bajillion more, but I won’t accept it. WhyLance- Hey. I’m sorry! Why won’t you forgive me??Lizz- Maybe because what you said was hurtful.Lance- but I apologized like a bajillion times!!Lizz- and you can apologize a bajillion more, but I won’t accept it. Why do you want me to forgive you so much??Lance- cuz I like you.Lizz- yeah, and I’m the Easter bunny, and I’ve fallen in love with Santa. Like I would believe you??Lance- Yeah…Lizz- Well you’re wrong! I don’t believe you, and I never will believe you!! You’re a self-centered, egotistical jerk who only cares about himself!Lance- Listen! I’m sorry!! Ok?? Just forgive me! I admit…you were SMOKIN in that dress, but that’s not the only reason why I like you!Lizz- Answer me this. Why did you tell me you would never go out with me then if you liked me??Lance- Maybe because Sarah was watching over my shoulder, and I didn’t want her to see. Lizz- you coulda told me, but I still don’t believe you. I gotta go. I’m spending the day with Kellan. Bye.Lance- Wait…Kellan? Kellan Bermgarder? HE will only want you for your looks. He’s just that person. Lizz- Well…he doesn’t lie to me. And he won’t. he’s sweet. We’re going to the dance together.Lance- Well he’s older!! He’s a Junior!Lizz- But his sister is on the committee, and he can take me. And its not your business. So bye! Have fun with Sarah…I guess Lindsay now I mean. Bye. ><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>I put my phone away when I saw Kellan at the park. I wanted to ask him about what Lance said…but I was hesitant.“What’s the matter? You look worried.” He put his hand in mine. Why didn’t I make Lindsay and Frankly stay??“Um…nothing. I have a question. But don’t get mad. OK?” He told me earlier he loved it when I’m worried. We met at school a year ago. But I guess we’ve always secretly liked eachother. I just realized I liked him…he called me and asked to hang out. I was more than happy. He smiled and laughed. “I won’t get mad!”“OK…well someone I know really well told me that you only like girls for their looks. And that you take advantage of younger girls.” I kinda made up the last part! But I was worried and I wanted the truth!He sighed…I bet he’s heard this story before! “Well…younger girls are easier to get. I won’t do anything to you! And not only are you cute, but you’re also sweet.”I blushed! “Well…I guess thanks! But the whole thing with ‘younger girls are easier to get’ kinda makes me a little freaked out…and I want you to know, that if you are just with me because you wanna have sex…that’s not what I’m here for. So tell me now.”“I’m not just in the relationship for sex! Gosh! Everyone thinks that! But yeah…it would be nice!” He seemed stressed…I stopped, and pulled my hand from his. “I’m not going to do that! You’re two grades ahead of me! In two years, you’ll be gone, and I’ll be your age! I don’t wanna do that!”“OK! Gosh! A guy can dream!” He backed away with his hands up. Our first argument…first date. Bet we beat a record!“Well you’re not gonna dream that! Or its over before it even began! I wanna make this work! OK?? So nothing stupid!” I was kinda fuming…He ran his fingers through his hair. “Listen…I’ll take you home. Its getting kinda late.” He grabbed my hand again. And I went with. We got in the car, and I sat in the passenger seat. “Um…just take me home. Do you know where I live? You turn left at—“ He cut me off. “I know where you live OK??” He saw me looking sad. “I’m sorry! Hey there’s a party next weekend. Only 2 days. Wanna come? I’ll pick you up 8:00 sharp. OK?” I was smiling…I could feel it. “Um…OK!! I can’t wait! Well, what should I wear?” “Anything that makes you look good! And make sure you show some skin baby. You gotta look hot.” He smiled…I kinda thought he was imagining me. I winced… “OK…but not TOO much skin! You’re not gonna do anything…are you?”“Of course not baby. Don’t worry! Unless you wanna do something…” He smiled at the thought again. I sighed, and was kinda worried. “We’ve been through this! I’m not gonna do anything like that!” We stopped at a stop sign. He looked into my eyes, and kissed me. He then put more force into it. I was enjoying it, until he put his hand up my shirt. I pulled back. “What are you doing?? Don’t do that!!” I yelled quite loud. I looked behind He looked at me, then pressed his lips to mine. I kissed him back. He then put me. No cars…damnit. “I’m just enjoying the moment…sorry. I got carried away.” He coughed, and looked embarrassed. “NOT AGAIN YOU WON’T!!” I WAS fuming this time. He smiled at me. “Not until you want me.”I realized we were in front of my house, and that he had started driving. “Bye. See you tomorrow.” “Don’t I get a kiss?” “You already got your ‘dose of love’ tonight.” And I walked away.Frankly is what my bff chose. and i use the name they choose…
A: I think I lost a few brain cells. Very chaotic, hard to tell whats going on. Eliminate 99% of your exclamation points.
Is this a good query letter? Would you want to read this book?
Q: Dear (K),I don’t know about you, but there have been many times that love has done a number on me. Sometimes I think, “Wow, when is it that this guy is going to be the guy? Is he really even out there?” So, then I got to thinking. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a guy that was made just for you? Like some personal seamstress – running to your beck and call, fitting your jeans snugly to your bottom so you never felt like they would ever go anywhere? No matter the obstacle? I bet Abigail Winters felt like that when she met Sebastian Lockhart. I myself have always wondered what it would be like if every person in the world had another mate that they were just made for…that they would run into eventually, no matter the complication. Divorce is a painful thing for me to digest, as my life has continually been tampered with because of the effects of its strength. So, when Abigail finally meets her match and learns about a whole new human race she never knew existed, I imagine she would was about as excited as I would have been to finally out divorce. So, at first glance, I would probably be bored with life if I was Abigail, too. She rolls out of bed every morning, forces herself to go to work with her so-called best friends at the neighborhood pool, and only dreams that someday maybe she’ll be a little less of a Negative Nancy (but unless you want your head bitten off, I wouldn’t mention that name to her). She never had a boyfriend, never met anyone she’d ever been particularly intrigued with, and definitely never believed that a supernatural force existed that would finally bring her into the arms of Mr. Right. For all she knew, the only paranormal experience she would ever collide with would be her own desire to try out for the cheer leading squad – much less a boyfriend that could not only fast-forward through time, but also put it into slow-mo, only if necessary of course. So when Sebastian Lockhart waltzes into her not-so-perfect existence declaring he’s the love of her life and that they’re destined to be together forever – claiming a so-called new and improved human race has developed over the centuries primarily to construct the perfect love and abolish divorce indefinitely – wouldn’t you agree that the phrase sweep-you-off-your-feet might come to mind? For once, Abigail probably smiled. First Light is my first novel (that’s a lot of firsts, huh?). But if you feel half the anticipation and, well…the pure excitement I do just by giving this letter its first glance…then maybe you should give it a second. In my life, I haven’t done much – well, except read every book I could get my hands on, written every little thing that ever came to mind, and finished my first novel with very high hopes on working it into a series. You could say I’m pretty lame (insert smiley face here). But seeing as I’m seeking my degree as an English major and Writing is my current minor, I’m trying my best to succeed at the University of Central Arkansas, and I have already dived into a Fiction Workshop that has proved worth my while. And sense I probably haven’t told you enough about me already, I might as well go ahead and throw in that my favorite Sonic drink would have to be a Route Forty-Four Diet Coke with lime (only at the two-to-four happy hour, of course).I recently became a big fan of your blog and couldn’t help but notice that my novel would fit right in with your genre. I was hoping that First Light – which is a 93,000 word novel set in present-day, southern Arkansas – would draw you in right from the beginning just as it has done me. I look forward to hearing back from you and would be more than happy to send you my manuscript. I have enclosed sample pages if you are interested. Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely, (C)
A: normally, your query letter tells something about you, and only a little about your book, unless they ask for more. for example:Hello,My name is Jane Smith and I have recently written a book called “Untitled.” It’s about a girl who falls in love with a boy who’s father is an alcoholic…blah blah blah. you give the basic outline, then talk about the awards or contests you’ve won.don’t overwhelm them with information, they’ll just toss you aside.
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