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Is sea breeze bad for your skin

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Sea Breeze can irritate the skin and cause acne for some people. It can also cause dryness, Call 1-800-2ChaCha – No Limits! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-sea-breeze-bad-for-your-skin ]
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Does Sea Breeze Astrigent Clean Skin?
I used this as a teenager and it helped some. Just use about 2 x a day after washing. If you have a mild problem this will help, if you have a serious problem you should go to a dermatologist.
Does Sea Breeze Help With Skin?
Sea Breeze is an exfoliate that helps take away dead skin. There are lots of skin care products out there that do this. The best ones are more than a one step process. I use Meaningful Beauty. You can read what people are saying about it on…
Why does sea breeze irritate my skin and make it red??
its the alcohol in it, it will dry your skin out. try an alcohol free astringent. or if you are just wanting toning I use neutrogena alcohol free toner.works like a charm.

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Does sea breeze work?
Q: I just bought the gold kind and I really need to know if it works okay. I have used it for a day and soo far my face feels really refreshed. I also use neutrogina oil free acne wash as my somewhat daily cleanser an the cetaphil bar of soap. my face has been clear for a long time except for my forehead, but recently I broke out really bad on my cheecks, nose, and neck. I dont know what happened it was just “BAMMMM!!!!!”All I want is clear skin. Can you guys tell me if it works for you and if theres something that you use other than Sea Breeze if you can let me know. Im willing to buy anything that will help. I have already spent like 100 bucks trying different products. Thanks you guys for taking your time to help me [[=
A: both my mom and I have been using it for years and whether or not it works just depends on how often you use it and what kind you get. As long as you get the right kind for your skin you should be okay. Also, don’t use it too often during the day because the more you use it the more your face can dry out. Then you begin to produce more oils cause your body is trying to make up for the dryness. It’s best to use it oncein the morning and once at night after you’ve removed your makeup. But I live by Sea Breeze and love it.
Q: i heard running is bad for your joints and knees and stuff b/c it jerks them around and i want to start running everyday to lose weight and to just become a healthier person, i have always been good about taking care of my body, i mean i drink lots of water and i dont eat alot, unless its like for a BBQ or pary etc. i always clean my face w/ some stuff called ‘sea breeze’ every day and i have dry skin so i put lotion on every single day and you get it, (lol) well i was wondering if there is any kind of creams or ointments that i acn rub on my knees and ankles to reduce the damage, and i already have kinda bad knees so yeah. thanks a bunch!
A: Get yourself some good shoes that are right for you (talk to a good salesman to find out if you pronate and if you need cushioning, motion control, or stability shoes), make sure you replace your shoes when they get old, make sure you warm up and cool down, stretch plenty, and eat enough carbs and protein to allow your body to fully recover, and you really should be fine. Focusing on good form and not overdoing it, particularly as you begin running, are important as well. Most of the issues of runners with longterm knee problems come from a stubborness (which I am guilty of) of running insane mileage without stretching, warming up, or cooling down. I’m not sure about creams or anything like that. If you’re really worried, there are other low-impact cardio workouts like biking and swimming, but in tests, running usually shows to be the most beneficial. Good luck.
What do you think of this love poem?
Q: The ocean’s blue – as your eyes, clear, intense, as they see into the very depths ofmy innermost being – as deep as this seaas it descends for what seems to be forever, even to a depth of pain and darkness,which is hidden from most- and very few see, or even attempt to reach that depthfor a fear of the things they might see or whatthey may discover, and some – most – do noteven care.And once reached, you may not admirethe things hidden and found, but if you lookclosely enough, you see these things, though not always beautiful, are part of what is here nowand are vital to the present creation before you, and you wouldn’t change it forthe world – because you know.This wind, this breeze,as your fingersbrushing the hair from my face, and thoughI may not see it, I may not always seeyou – it is there, you are there, here, even withthe thought of you on my mind, or the carefor you in my soul..The feeling so lovely, so amazing,almost tranquilizing,it captures me, spellbound as I lose all thoughts or preoccupationsonly to enjoy it, and enclose it, desperatelywishing to keep it forever, knowing that is not possible, still I do everything, just trying, and although not kept or captured in reality, it is inmemory, never forgotten, constantly longed for..The water – as your embrace, softly surrounding my body with an overwhelming sense of joy.sometimes surprising and always and forever delightfully welcomed – it brings me a peace,a feeling of serenity, brought upon by nothing else.As I stand here and the waves crash on the shore and the water gracefully washes itself over my feet, it brings to mind the thought of our skin softly brushing and I close my eyes, trying to take pictures with my mind to lock deep inside, to save for a lifetime.The sun – warming my skin effortlessly like a sense of security, the protection I feel with you, a similar warmth, the warmth of your care, as you’ve gathered my trust so easily in your ways, though I fought itAs the rays silently blanket over me, reaching every part, warming my cold body, making me feel more beautiful, as you do – unrealistically – I feel so beautiful. You’ve helped me learn to trust, no longer hiding in the shadows, no longer frozen inside.This rain – as the tender kisses placed upon me with the gentleness of your soft lips- exciting my sensesas they fall so delicately over me, the fragile drops move, as you, from my face, and slowly down my neck, and further..Oh, if you only knew how strongly you hold me in those moments.As I rest myself in the familiar place of your arms.. this feeling so rightand I look toward the sky and realize how amazing this is. I quietly laugh out of pure pleasure – as I do in those wonderful moments – begging time to stop for me..The salt water – The taste of the tears that I’ve let you see streak my face so many times.. some from the scars caused by others – mended by you – did you even know? – still others from the realization of how amazing it is to be with you as you speak to me all the reasons you say that I am beautiful – an epiphany for me that I am worth far more than this world tells me No, I do not wish to taste this continually, but I always look back on it with admiration – whether the times be good or bad.The sand – as your touchalways so unbelievably gentle, holding me as you wish to never let go…Beneath my feet, so soft, so soothing, beautiful and outstanding. It falls through my fingers so quickly. I try ever so desperately to hold tight, but it just slips away – don’t leave, lay your hand upon me and let me have and enjoy this moment, while it is mine.And this view around me – as our future,all I am able to see is beautiful, yet, I know not what lies over the horizon, and will not struggle to.I can only hope and imagine as I enjoy the beauty I see before me, all these elements combining into my happiness with you, your presence the only thing capable of increasing it…
A: So beautiful,really it’s a very amazing and well thaught deep poem ..It feels like while I was reading this I got the impression that for one moment in time you had a “sense of realization” for yourself or for the world.Whatever it was that inspired you to write this piece it’s a really great catch of a moment in time captured by your thaughts…Good Luck .,SweetiePs ..Your thaughts,Your Words ,Your Hand Deleting all neg. Feedback…LOL
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