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Is the company ACN a legal company

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Yes, they are a legal company but they resell telephone service and internet at higher prices. ChaCha for now! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-the-company-acn-a-legal-company ]
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Is the company ACN a legal company
Yes, they are a legal company but they resell telephone service and internet at higher prices. ChaCha for now!
A few years ago, your company rationalised its in-house legal fun…?
We refocused our in-house legal function so that it comprised specialists who directly supported the company’s legal functions – corporate finance, construction, facilities management and corporate law. All other legal functions have been o…
What is “mutual legal reserve company”?
The link below is for information regarding HCSC…it gives the history of the corporation, click on ‘about HCSC’ for history. It states it is a customer owned company, operating through BC/BS in several states but operates as an independ…

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ACN Telephone Company, should i go on a mobile plan?
Q: I know that ACN have had a fair few legal problems and by the looks of websites around, they’re becoming the courts most frequent visitor! But they offer really good pland and mobile services. I am in no way interested in becoming a rep so please dont think thats what im questioning about. Im wondering if anyone here is on an ACN mobile plan or ever has been or knows of someone on it? have they had good or bad experiences? any recommendations? this is the only company i can find the plan that actually suits me! advice?
A: Its an awesome program!My whole family is on the wireless program. It has been a possitive experience… and i really have nothing negative to say about it!Its really simple as well type in your area code to find a provider that you like and is in your area, find your phone and service plan, and your phone is expressed shipped to you in 48hrs, and all the billing comes directly from the service provider and any warranty issues and tech questions is all delt with the srvice provider. So ACN is just helping you save money!
Is the ACN pyramid scam legal?
Q: I see some people on here peddling that service, I was just wondering how it is legal?I understand it is peddled as a telecommunications provider company, but it is definately MLM is this legal?Is it legal to try to recruit people on yahoo for this (by yahoo’s standards)?
A: Legal – yes. They have very good lawyers on staff to make sure everything is done legally. Their product (phone service) actually “works”, and, as a former salesman, my commission check (for about $9) didn’t bounce.Ethical? – Maybe not. Go to a sales meeting and see the kind of promises that are made. MLM is very hard, probably harder than most regular jobs, but that little fact is glossed over.It isn’t illegal to use Yahoo! to recruit, but it violates the Yahoo! terms of service (and probably ACN’s, too).
A few things about my uncle’s company…. ( Revised)?
Q: The old question was, “Alright guys, my uncle is a co-founder of a budding telecommunications company. We’re international now, and I’m thinking of joining the company as a rep. I have one question of major importance to me. The payment plan is explained to us as a “residual income” but how they pay us is how many people we recruit as a customer or a rep. The more people we have under us, the more we get payed, also the more people our people under us have, we get payed more too. To me this sounds like a pyramid system. But its not at the same time because everyone can work their way up if they so choose…. I just want to know if being younger I should take my chances with this. I was going to do it on the side on top of my other jobs. I’ve heard of people making upwards of $30,000 a month (sounds hard to believe i know) by working at this. Fast money’s appealing but i’m concerned about anything bad that could happen with this sort of payment schedule. Any ideas/advice/input would be really appreciated.”I now add: The company’s name is ACN. I failed to mention this before due to possible legal disputes but ah well. I wanna know the truth and get some info on it.
A: Sorry, but it sounds like scam-ola to me.Do you have to pay to become an ’employee’? Sure, the guy on top of the pyramid claims to get $30,000 per month ROFL. Does the company actually have any ‘hard’ assets like property and equipment?Are you going to get a W-2 form or a 1099 form for the ‘residual income’? Or is it all under the table? If it is under the table, that’s a sure sign that it’s not legit.—————-Here’s a link that talks about how much money goes OUT of your wallet:http://www.corporatenarc.com/A.C.N.php—————–The actual ACN website LOOKS really slick – but doesn’t really state in detail what they actually do, nor does it list prices for services they claim to provide.http://www.acninc.com/——————-
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