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Is there silver in mines

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Silver is mined using underground mining. Most of the time, silver is found in ore. The miner’s goal might not be to find silver, but to mine copper, lead, or zinc. ChaCha [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-there-silver-in-mines ]
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Is there silver in mines
Silver is mined using underground mining. Most of the time, silver is found in ore. The miner’s goal might not be to find silver, but to mine copper, lead, or zinc. ChaCha
How Is Silver Mined?
・ The term “mining” indicates excavation or extraction of a substance from the soil , rock or from a location… ・ The way silver is mined depends upon what it is found with. Some silver mining takes place underground… ・ The ope…
Where can I mine silver in runescape?
In varrock near the Champ guild has some mines there, one of the rocks there is silver, there is also the crafting guild that has silver rocks but require 40crafting and a brown apron.

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runescape where is there a huge silver mine?
Q: in runescape i was wandering where there is a lot of silver i can mine? could any one help?
A: The crafting guild has some ores but you need 40 crafting and a brown apron to get inside.The dwarf mines have silver also. Its kind of located between varrock and falador or you can access it easier if you have 60 mining and go through the mining guild.The alkarid mining spot north of alkarid bank.Varrock south west mining spot has 2 silver ores.I hope this has been helpful.
Do you know anything about ancient silver mines?
Q: Esp. in Greece. For example, what tools did they use? How did they excavate? What nationality were the slaves? How much silver did they extract? Are there any sources for this?
A: In most ancient cultures, ores were ‘surface mined’ – that is, they didn’t dig long tunnels but scraped away at cliff faces or other areas where ores were visible.The first tools would have been bone scrapers. Slaves weren’t always used – or at least, imported slaves. How much silver did they extract? That’s anyone’s guess. There were no records kept and as their extraction techniques were pretty crude, much would have been lost.
What are The Risks of Silver & Gold Mining?
Q: I’m doing an assigment that involves etting up an island, like placing buildings and services etc. using the natural resources provided on the island.There is a silver and silver mine, in different places but both are near a fresh water supply. One of the supplies is limitless while the other will last for 30 years if used, I heard that people nearby coulg get poisoned but I can’t find enough information. What can be done to prevent it from polluting the water or going into the town areas?
A: There are “environmentally safe” ways of precipitating gold out of gold ore…Unfortunately large scale operations don’t always practice the safest methods…Does this help any?
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