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Is Vaseline good for acne scars

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Some doctors say to avoid greasy applications such as Vaseline, however, other doctors suggest it for fresh acne scarring. ChaCha [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-vaseline-good-for-acne-scars ]
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Can vaseline cocoa butter help clear acne scars?
Vaseline is not good for someone with any sort of blemish or pore issues. Cocoa butter works wonders, though. Drink LOADS of water and smooth on cocoa butter… I love Palmer’s, but until your skin has been consistenly clear from blemishes …
Can Vaseline Get Rid of Acne Scars?
Vaseline Petroleum jelly is one of the worst things for our skin. Think about it Petroleum – it dries you out instead of ‘heals’ anything. Try pure vitamin e you can use the vitamins and break them open or buy it –

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Is Vaseline Aloe Fresh Moisturizing good for your skin?
Q: I wanted an aloe vera product to put on my face, because I’ve read that it helps heal scars from acne and helps moisturize your skin, but it’s by Vaseline…which makes me wonder if it’s something I should be putting on my skin, but I’ve compared ingredients and the Aloe Fresh Moisturizing gel doesn’t have anything in it that’s similar to other vaseline products. But I’m getting really frustrated, because I don’t know what to think anymore. I keep reading different opinions, so I really want a good answer :PAnd please don’t give me any new techniques to try. I mean I know you’d be just trying to help, but I can’t keep trying new things it’s been too hard on my skin xD.
A: most definitely, try it. it helped my skin!
Acne … :(?
Q: Is there a way to make acne go away faster?Everytime I see crap coming out of a zit or something I always pop it. Having puss on your face is not very attractive. Make-up usually won’t cover yellow things that stick out/up off your face. So, I need either a safe[r] way to pop them or something to make the puss … go away … without causing scars. :)I DO use either shea butter, aloe lotion [vaseline brand], Cortizone [which really hydrates my face], or cocoa butter on my face at night. I usually don’t put too much, so my skin can breathe. I know cocoa butter helps with scarring and all, so that’s good. Aloe is really good for your skin. So, is Shea Butter. Cortizone has vitamins and all, so that should be good.Anyway, any answers are much appreciated! THANKS!Hm. Curious, why is that form of Aloe so bad? :]Also, I have combo. skin. My skin does not produce that much oil. It’s actually in pretty good condition aside from the pimple or two I get. That’s growing up, though, you know? 🙂 I will cut the amount I’m using, but still use a little bit too hydrate my skin. I’ll also search why that form of Aloe is bad for your skin. Thanks for your advice!where would i get tea tree oil? lol …
A: Do not pop the zit! as unnatractive as it may be, if you pop the zit you risk sending the bacteria deeper into your skin – which’ll not only take it longer to heal.. but also can cause scarring.There is a right way to pop zits which can speed up the healing process. There’s a free acne guide:http://www.killpimples.com/acnefreewhich shows you exactly how to do it, and also gives you a whole bunch of home remedies you can use to make it go away faster.Another quick tip: mix a crushed aspirin, which is an anti-inflammatory, with a bit of water and apply it to a pimple overnight to decrease redness.Someone mentioned tea tree oil earlier which is great! you can get it at health/health food stores.. If you find it any other store.. I wouldn’t pick it up.. it’s probably waay watered down and dilluted.
help with skin problem?
Q: my skin there are pores, big pores and it looks really bad on my skin. It doesnt seem smooth. I also got indented acne scars (not deep)what can i do to get rid of these big pores that make my skin look really bad and also these indented scars?im currently using tretonoin aka retin-a alsp im using vaseline deep conditioning cocoa butter.i also tried mederma but that doesnt work for mehelp please thanks much**someone recommended glycolic peel, is taht good?
A: If you stick to a regime with pure and hydrating things in time your pores will look better as your over all cell turn over will be healthier. I am not to sure I can help suggest much for your scars – you may need laser help.Use a pure and hydrating soap, toner and cream / and serumsand repeat at night with a night cream.Twice a week exfoliateonce a week a deep cleaning mask Does your vaseline cocoa butter have petroleum in it?To harsh for your skin let alone your face.Take a vitamin e capsule and break it open.Try also taking a daily supplement for your facea, e, b6 and some other things help –
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