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My face is breaking out really bad! What do i do

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Neutragena has a wonderful new product for acne. It has worked well for my daughter. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/my-face-is-breaking-out-really-bad%21-what-do-i-do ]
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What can i put on my face and scalp, i’m breaking out really bad??
For your hairline, I’d say to really make sure you get all the shampoo off that part of your hair. It may stay and cause irritation. I would say buy some of those oil-pads. You can rub those on your hairline, because my best bet is those br…
When I first started taking birth control my face broke out reall…?
I always recommend non-hormonal birth control methods. If you go off the birth control pill, why …

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Face is breaking out really bad?
Q: Redness, swelling!! All that bad stuff I already washed my face and all but what else can I do to help reduce it home remedies/cremes etc. Need help por favor!:)
A: Drink a ton of water and use an Egg White on your face. Separate the egg white from the yolk, cover the infected areas, let dry, wash off completely with warm water. It always works for me when I get an unexpected break out!!
Break out on face. Really bad?
Q: Okay so for the last two weeks or so, my face has broken out really bad. It never gets this bad like I have the occasional zit but nothing like this. Well me being not smart, I popped em and now I am left with redness and scabs all over my forehead. I dont know what to do, my face is so dry right now and I put lotion on it but that didnt help. I have even been putting antibiotic ointment on my face. What can I do to make these go away?Yeah I wash my face every night, and ususally every morning. Is there any type of medication that will make the scabs go away? The zits are gone, now its just a lot of redness, dry skin, and lots of scabs.
A: 1 DONT use strong acne washes they over dry your skin causing your pores to release even more oil because its trying to replace what you have taken away #2 Exfoliate! dead skin cells are the #1 cause for breaking out and #3 you have to use lotion it will help your skin heal but dont go for the kind that says for breakouts usually it just drys you out more get a regular face lotion that says oil free and you should be good to go!
Face has been breaking out really bad. I’ve been using Aveeno products (they are the only ones t?
Q: that work for me) for the past 2 years and my face has been super clear. But for the past 3 weeks my skin has been awful. Whats wrong and what can I do to fix it? I still stick to my once in am and once in Pm face washing.Nothing in my life has changed… same eating habits, same place, same house, same EVERYTHING. I am 22 yrs oldOh, and my upper back has started breaking out too.And chest.No, I am not pregnant, I am currently cycling.
A: Well, my back broke out, and I figured out that since I was working out, and I had my sporty bra on that all the sweat was trapped there and made it break out. Try a scrub, one that will get into your pores and clean them out..Nordstrom has some products by Philosophy that work really well, the oxygen mask especially.
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