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What about after 1982

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Mid-1982 the U.S. mint changed the metallic composition of the pennies to about 99.2% zinc and 0.8% copper.All pennies minted MORE [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-about-after-1982 ]
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What about after 1982
Mid-1982 the U.S. mint changed the metallic composition of the pennies to about 99.2% zinc and 0.8% copper.All pennies minted MORE
Which is more dangerous for a child to swallow a penny minted bef…?
after Explanation: Cents made before 1982 are bronze – 95% copper and 5% tin and/or zinc. Cents made in later 1982 and afterwards are 97.5% zinc with a thin copper plating. Stomach acid can etch away the copper plating, exposing the underly…
What After April 1982?
One point that many of these quarters have made is that Husni Mubarak does not have many options open to him before April 1982, when the withdrawal of Israeli forces from Sinai is scheduled to be completed. The option of scrapping the Camp …

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Statements about sexuality education?
Q: All of the following statements about sexuality education are ture except:A. debate continues about what the content and philosophy of sexuality education should be.B. Comprehensive sexuality education is a lifelong process emphasizing communication and decision-making skills.C. Students who are part of the millennial generation (born after 1982) prefer to get health and sexuality education from electronic sources.D. Nearly every state recommends or requires sexuality education and most require HIV/AIDS education.Any ideas please?
A: Are we picking which statement isn’t true?I guess C. looks like it could be false. Personally, I prefer health class to “electronic sources” like the Internet where I could get false information. At least with my health teacher I knew she was educated and could give us proper info.
What does eye colour, ear lobes and whether you can roll your tongue?
Q: have to do with your genes?When I was in the sixth form at school (thats year 11 to anyone born after 1982 . . . ) I can remember the A Level biology students going round doing a poll, asking people what colour their eyes were, could they roll their tongues and did they have ear lobes. This was apparently something to do with a “genetics” topic which they were studying.As I didn’t take A level biology myself I have always been fascinated to find out what this was about. Can anyone explain?!
A: i think it was whether you had inherited that gene, because in order to roll your tongue, you have got to have inherited it from one/ both of your parents.
Have you ever had a real life ‘haunting’ that you were too scared to ever talk about?
Q: In our family we did …it was back in 1982 after we’d done that stupid ‘ouiji’ board.We were only kids back then, and plenty of times b4 it was only a ‘game’ w/plenty of gibberish ect.until one week we played it several times and I don’t like to talk about it, but in fact I believe an evil entity came thru because not only did a SERIES of events take place that came true but our house was haunted as well afterwards. We were moving anyway, luckily it didn’t ‘follow’ us, as I’ve heard about that happening (rarely) w/other familiesTHis all took place sooooooo many yrs. ago, and it took many yrs. for our family to even talk about what had happened because it’s so scary, and left unexplained.Glad to get it out of our systems now!HAVE YOU EVER HAD A HAUNTING? What happened?Or do you know of someone who has had one in their lifetime?[no that awful board was thrown away in the garbage long ago and none of us ever did it again! learned the HARD way!]
A: yes .. and me and my brother experienced it together so i know it was real …
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