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What are some examples of x-linked genes

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A:An excellent example of an X-linked gene is the one coding for factor VIII. Factor VIII is a protein, that is essential to blood clotting. People who do not have factor VIII have a condition called hemophilia. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-some-examples-of-x%26%2345%3Blinked-genes ]
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What is X-linked gene?
n. A gene located on an X-chromosome.
How are X linked genes inherited?
They are inherited from the X-chromosome, which is an X chromosome. The mother always donates one of the X chromosomes. If the father donates a X, then the baby is female. If the father donates a Y, then the baby is male. If a gene is locat…
Why can’t males be carriers in X-linked gene inheritance What is …?
A carrier is an individual which is heterozygous (greek, roughly translating; ‘different’ ‘genes’) for a certain trait, eg: Bb. The dominant gene will be expressed and the organism will appear no different from a homozygous dominant individ…

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what is the best answer to the questions describe below?
Q: . Hypospadias, a birth defect in male humans in which the urethra opens on the shaft instead of at the tip of the penis, results from an autosomal dominant gene in some families. Females who carry the gene show no effects. This birth defect is an example of: (a)an X-linked trait, b. a Y-linked trait. C. a sex-limited trait d. a sex influence trait or e. genetic effect? Explain your answer.
A: Answer C. According to the question, hypospadias is a result of an dominant gene, therefore carsch explanation is not true, because it is only true for recessive traits. It can’t be a Y-linked trait because women would not possibly carry the gene, since women does not carry Y. So I conclude it can’t be A or B. Sex-limited trait appears in only one sex, and sex influence appear in both, but differs. Since the defect does not appear in women at all, it’s c. I don’t think genetic effect is a scientific term. This is a genetic defect, but genetic effect is nonsense talk.
urgent! need help on project! at least answer some!!!?
Q: Only answer if you have seen Lorenzo’s Oil. Otherwise, just….just go away.1. Show how Lorenzo’s parents used a scientific method to solve their problem. State the problem, ask a question and use examples from the film to illustrate the steps.2. From the description of the disease, ALD, sketch what Lorenzo’s neurons most likely looked like a year after being diagnosed. 3. ALD is a recessive sex-linked of X-linked disease. What are the probable genotypes of the family members listed? Aunt #1, Aunt #2, Aunt Dee, Michaela, Augusto, Lorenzo.4. What is Lorenzo’s Oil? How does it work? Use the sink model from the film.5. Explain Augusto’s use of paper clips to represent good and bad fatty acids. What did his dream help him understand?6. Why did the medical community resist the Odone’s treatment ideas? Why did the parent support groud resist? Give examples of arguments for and against. 7. How do analogies help you to understand the scientific problem? How did modeling help solve the scientific problem? How did modeling help solve the scientific problem? Can you think of other great discoveries that employed the use of models?8. Did the family’s courage and persistence inspire you? How?9. How did Augusto and michaela demonstrate “life-long” learning?10. Defend the position that diseases that affect a small % of the population should not get as much money for research as the big killers like cancer and heart disease.11. Why did olive oil not work completely? Trace the developments in the different kinds of oils discovered.12. What do you think is the role of support groups? How did the support group affect the Odones?13. What was found out from the Polish biochemist? What was the purpose of the ALD Symposiums? What happens when scientists work in isolation? 14. What is erucic acid?15. Where was the myelin research being done? What was the experiment? How could this research help Lorenzo?16. Did the treatment for ALD really happen by accident? Explain other times in medical history where an important discovery happened by mere chance.17. Why is there a difference between the results with Lorenzo and the results reported by the children at the end of the movie?18. Keeping in mind the idea that genes code for proteins, why do Lorenzo’s mother and aunt show only slightly elevated levels of the relevant material in their blood tests?
A: BON JOVIII<3333 but Carol, yes she did. We didn’t find it online. most of them. But sorry “Bon”…. I can’t help you, i have noooo clue. 😉
Lots of Biology Questions?
Q: I was sick and need to finish a study guide for a midterm. These are some of the questions i am having trouble answering. ANY help would be greatly appreciated! ( :1. True or False: The X Chromosme of the male is very similar to the X chromosomes of the female.2. It is the___ gene on the Y Chromosome that codes for the production of the hormone called ___ that makes the big difference.3. Furthermore in cystic fibrosis two carrier parents have a ____% chance of producing carrier offspring for the next generation.4. If a troublesome gene is on the X chromosome, how many genes will a male have to inherit to be affected? How many willa female have to inherit to be affected?5. Give two examples of X linked inheritance.6. Give 4 ways that chromosome structure can be altered and passed on.7. What are the two mechanisms that contribute to variation in offspring?8. When the chromosomes line up in the middle of the cell at metaphase I, will all the chromosomes derived from the father move to one pole and all the chromosomes from the mother move to the other, why or why not?9. In animals, each male reproductive cell produces a total of how many mature sperm?10. Allele is___ when it masks the effect of the ___ allele. 11. A ___ is a compound that absorbs light of specific wavelengths.12. In the light independent reactions, ATP and NADPH are used as energy sources to synthesize ___?13. H+ ions can only leave the thylakoid through the protein channel ___ ___ which results in formation of ATP.14. The electron “hole” left the P680 can be filled by an electron derived from the splitting of water; this also leaves molecules of free___ which are necessary for us living humans.15. Calvin-Benson does NOT run on sun energy but rather uses the molecules of ___ and ___.16. After glycolysis, the pyruvate can enter the Kreb’s cycle, it must be transformed into what molecule?at Ternaz- LOL if there is anything i am worse at than science it is math. I’m not sick of it, i was sick and didnt make it to class lol.
A: 1) True2) SRY, protein Testes Determining Factor3) 50% heterozygous carriers, 25% affected, 25% normal (provided all the zygotes have the same survivability)4) 1 for the male… complicated for the female due to X-inactivation… however, the answer is probably meant to be 2.5) Hemophilia, Becker Muscular DystrophyGave you 5, others can do the rest.
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